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A Brilliant Life in Darkness

0 Comments 09 September 2013

Dear Friends,

Do you remember reading about this man in my book “Green for Life“?

“I absolutely have to tell you about Alexander Suvorov, whom I met several times and who became my hero and inspiration for many years. Suvorov became totally blind and deaf when he was three years old. Nevertheless, he was so eager to live his life to the fullest that he learned to speak and to understand what other people were saying by holding their hands.

He graduated from high school with honors and acquired a PhD at Moscow University. Suvorov wrote dozens of brilliant books on philosophy and countless scientific articles about helping blind and deaf children. While being unable to view a single movie himself, Suvorov created three engaging documentaries about his perception of life.

I recall the presentation of his first film. It attracted huge crowds in Moscow in the 1970s. People were deeply impressed by Suvorov’s sincerity and passion. I remember that after the movie was over, nobody left the theater for a long time. We just sat there bewildered, sobbing, and ashamed of our cowardly lives and stupid fears.

Alexander Suvorov, living his life in physical darkness and constant silence, had a dream to travel to other countries. So he learned two foreign languages and traveled to several countries on his own. When people asked him why he went, he replied that he wanted “to see the world for himself.”

Since publishing my book nine years ago, I have been receiving countless requests from my readers to learn more about this man. Until now all of the movies were in Russian and unavailable. Last week, RT-TV presented a 25-minute documentary of Alexander Suvorov in English.

A Brilliant Life in Darkness (RT Documentary)

By the way, I emailed my book “Green for Life” in Russian to Alexander Suvorov and he began drinking green smoothies. Maybe you noticed a blender in the middle of his kitchen table on the minute 20:06.

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