A Meaningful Conversation with a Child

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Dear Friends,

My grandson Nic watched Sergei singing “Green Smoothie Hustla” on YouTube and asked if he could also sing something in a video clip. We said, “Yes!” Nic picked a song he likes. Valya has put together this 2-minute video. Enjoy!

Wonderful World song by a child
To hear Sergei’s popular song “Green Smoothie Hustla” click here.


A Meaningful Conversation with a Child

Whenever spending time with my two grandchildren, I try to avoid using the following two questions:

1 – How was school?

2 – What do you want to be when you grow up?

I have noticed that these two questions are asked most often, and that children automatically give standard answers without thinking. Also I have noticed that most children have a hard time learning through listening. At the same time, they learn well through deep conversations. So, every time we drive in the car, or walk from a class, I try to engage my grandkids into a meaningful conversation. I believe that such dialogues develop their ability to observe, which is the path to wisdom.

Today my grandson Nic and I had an interesting conversation when we were driving from his music lesson. I would like to share it with you. Maybe you can send me some of your own meaningful conversations?

Nic: How come my teacher is teaching me so well?

Victoria: What do you mean?

N: Anne explains everything to me; when I make mistakes, she doesn’t yell at me. And my lessons go so fast that I don’t even notice how my class is over.

V: I think your teacher is teaching you so well because she has integrity.

N: What is that?

V: Integrity is a quality when a person is unable to do something bad.

For example, you cannot hit a dog with the stick.

N: No I can’t.

V: What if I will offer you $10 and ask you to hit the dog with a big stick?

N: No I can’t do it even for $10 either.

V: What if somebody will offer you $1000 to hit the dog with a big stick, would you do it?

N: (Nic is thinking.) Maybe I could slowly touch the dog with a stick for a $1000?

V: The dogs are afraid of sticks. When someone approaches a dog with a stick in his hand, the dog becomes scared.

Happy Healthy Dog N: Then how come the dogs like to chase sticks?

V: Those sticks are small and the owner throws the branch away from the dog, not at the dog.

N:  Ah, I see. How do people get integrity?

V: I think we are all born with integrity but then later we often lose it.

N: How come?

V: What do you think?

N: I don’t know.

V: What makes a boy to hit the dog with a stick?

N: He is a bad boy?

V: Keep thinking. Imagine yourself being that boy.

N: Maybe he forgot how the dog feels? Maybe he is angry?

V: Yes, Nic, this is my observation also, when people become angry they lose their integrity.

N: Sometimes I get angry with my sister.

V: Tell me, what would you prefer, to live in the world full of angry people, or full of people with integrity?

N: People with integrity.

V: That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

N: Yeah. And the dogs will be happy too.

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