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Adding Medicial Herbs to your Green Smoothie & Sprouts to your Diet

3 Comments 24 June 2010


For variety, we include several kinds of sprouts in our diet, but never more than a handful and only one or two times a week. Approximately from the third to the sixth day of their life, sprouts contain higher levels of alkaloids, as a means of protection from animals nipping them off and killing them.[1] That doesn’t mean that sprouts are poisonous or dangerous, but only that we cannot live on sprouts alone. Most sprouts are rich in B-vitamins and have a hundred times more nutrients than a fully developed plant because sprouts need more nutrition for their fast growing period.

Toxins in greens

Once in a while I read in the news or receive an e-mail about kale or spinach or parsley or any other green having a toxic ingredient and therefore being dangerous for human consumption. This is all true but not to a degree as to exclude any particular green from our diet. Let us learn to increase the variety of greens in our diet and to constantly rotate them for better nutritional results.

Medicinal herbs

The medicinal herbs are edible but contain higher than usual levels of alkaloids, and have to be used in smaller amounts. I enjoy a variety of medicinal herbs in my green smoothies in the summer, but I always put them in my smoothie with other greens, and not very often. Please use them with caution. The following are medicinal herbs:

aloe leaf

borage leaves and flowers

calendula flowers and leaves

cardoon leaves


cleaver (bedstraw)


comfrey flowers and leaves

fig leaves



hollyhock flowers and leaves



Japanese maple young leaves

lamium weed

lapsana communis (nipplewort)

lavatera flowers and leaves

milk thistle


pine and spruce needles


sweet cicely

You may find these sites useful for medicinal herb pictures and information: and

[1] Baker Elizabeth. Unbelievably Easy Sprouting! Washington: Poulsbo, 2000.

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  1. Amber says:

    I was thinking about making some quinoa and buckwheat sprouts to put in my green smoothies, this just confirms the idea. Thanks!

  2. nancy Heselton says:

    I love green smoothies, but find they irritate my kidneys and have even had one horrible kidney stone since when I first started drinking green smoothies. I’m pretty good about rotating different kinds of greens. I don’t want to stop drinking green smoothies, but I need more guidance about this, too. Any suggestions?

  3. emilyb says:

    Nancy – please remember this is not medical advice – you may like to research doing a cleanse and colonics.

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