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In search of the perfect human diet, Victoria Boutenko compares the standard American diet with the diet of wild chimpanzees. These animals possess an extremely strong natural immunity to AIDS, Hepatitis C, cancer, and other fatal human illnesses. Chimpanzees share an estimated 99.4% of genes with humans , but their diet is dramatically different from ours. The most glaring difference is that chimpanzees consume significantly more green leaves than humans. Victoria developed a series of green smoothies that enable anyone to consume the necessary amount of greens in a very palatable way.
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book gsr StoreGreen Smoothie Revolution – Victoria Boutenko

Following Green for Life, Victoria Boutenko reintroduces long neglected fruits, vegetables, and greens in the most persuasive style for our busy lives: with fast prep and delicious results. Featuring 200 recipes, Green Smoothie Revolution offers both simplicity and enough variety to keep taste buds happy and nutrients coming from a wealth of options.

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Fresh – Sergei & Valya Boutenko

Fresh has over 250 savory dishes, fermented foods, travel and survival foods, drinks and desserts, plus an inventory of all uncommon fruits you’ve wanted to eat, but didn’t know how to handle. A special section introduces readers to foraging for wild edibles, with color photos and recipes of each plant. With a concise review of key kitchen equipment, an immersion into the five basic flavors, and suggestions for ways to get kids involved in a raw kitchen, this book will inspire the adventurous chef to experiment with confidence.

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dvd miracleofgreens Store The Miracle of Greens: How greens and wild edibles can save your life
In this DVD, Sergei builds on the concepts of Green For Life outlining why it is so important to incorporate more green leafy veggies into your diet.

During part 2 of this DVD, Sergei introduces the importance of eating more wild edibles foods. He then takes the viewer on a virtual wild edible walk in which he demonstrates how easy it is to stay safe while harvesting nature’s FREE superfood.

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dvd 7best Store The 7 Best Greens Smoothies from Raw Family
This film brings Valya herself into your living room to show you how to prepare 7 of the Raw Family’s  all-time favorite green smoothies.

In addition to demonstrating how easy it is to blend up exotic concoctions, Valya shares many time saving tips and answers the most frequently asked questions about making delicious green smoothies. This DVD is a must see for anyone interested in becoming a green smoothie pro!
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