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Cranberries, a True Superfood at Your Store

No Comments 30 December 2013

Cranberries are in season. These red berries are a true superfood.

Weight LossCranberries, a True Superfood at Your Store With Childrens Book
The December issue of Nutrition Journal has just published some new research, which demonstrates that flavonoids, present in high levels in cranberries promote healthy weight in those who regularly consumes cranberries.

Earlier this month Dr. Michael Greger published an article “Which Fruit Fights Cancer Better?” about cranberries. These berries were found to suppress the growth of human liver cancer cells in vitro. Other studies have found similar effects against human breast, colon, brain tumor, oral, and ovarian cancer cells. Cranberries also possess strong anti-cancer properties in cases with prostate cancer. 1

Cardiovascular Health
Berries are a good source of polyphenols, especially anthocyanins, micronutrients, and fiber. In epidemiological and clinical studies, these constituents have been associated with improved cardiovascular risk profiles. 2 Scientists recommend cranberries along with other berries as a heart-healthy diet.

Prevention of Urinary Tract Infections
Cranberries contain two compounds that seem to help keep certain bacteria (like E. coli) from attaching to the urinary tract wall. Studies offer evidence that women who drink cranberry juice may suffer fewer symptomatic urinary tract infections.

Add Cranberries to Green Smoothies
Fresh cranberries are usually very tart and not so tasty. In my family we add a handful of cranberries daily to our green smoothies. I usually buy several extra bags and freeze them, so that we can have them after the season is over.


Valya’s App is Now Available on Android

Healthy Fruit Iphone GameDear Friends,

You can learn many interesting facts about produce on Valya’s app called “Quality Produce” which is available both on iPhone and Android.

In The iPhone App Store Android app on Google Play

Victoria’s app “Green Smoothies” is also available both on iPhone and Android.

In The iPhone App Store Android app on Google Play

For more information please click here.

Warning: Please limit your use of all those gadgets so that you have time to enjoy life without EMF


Last Day for Holiday Bundle Sale

Dear Friends,

We decided to leave all of our sales for one more day.

Our Raw Family Holiday Bundle consists of 10 items for $25,

Please visit our shop here.

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Helping Our Children to Eat Healthy

No Comments 26 November 2013

Last week I have received an exciting email from my friend, Tatiana, whose two children have been drinking smoothies since they were in their mother’s womb. Her son and daughter are now 6 and 8. The reason for my excitement came from their regular doctor’s checkup. The doctors were amazed at the health of these two children, particularly at their healthy teeth and bones. Coincidentally, I have just finished reading several research articles that confirm that consuming greens since infancy (first in the form of breast milk) ensures healthy bones. I am including this info in my new book I am finishing to write now. I am glad that my two grandchildren have been consuming green smoothies since birth also.

Helping Our Children to Eat Healthy With Childrens Book

In the time when holidays are approaching and there will be a lot of partying and celebrating at the table, I encourage you to do whatever possible to inspire your children to eat healthy. Take them to the farmers’ markets and to health food stores, make juice together from carrots, or pomegranates, or anything else. Include your children in the process of blending smoothies.

We invite you to purchase our children’s books, read them to your children and discuss afterwards. After all, it is today’s children who will take the place of Obama, Cameron, and Putin in 20-30 years. What they will feed the nations depends on our kids’ education today.

To support you in your gift-giving decisions, we offer 50% discount off all our children’s books, including those, which are already discounted.
You may view these special offers here.

New Interviews with Victoria

Recently I gave one video and one audio interviews to different media outlets. You may watch and listen to them through the following links.

Optimizing Children’s Nutrition with Green Smoothies
Video, 35 minutes

Green Smoothie Magic
Audio, 25 minutes

Valya and Victoria Participate in The Raw Living Expo in 2014

RawFamily at Raw Living Expo

Dear Friends,

We invite you to join us early next year at the big event, taking place near Thousand Oaks, California. In our presentations at this expo, we will be sharing with you our newest research and our delicious new recipes.

For more information please

For more information please click here.


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Step-By-Step Healthy Popsicle Recipe

No Comments 17 May 2013

Dear Friends,

The question I have been hearing most often from my two grandchildren lately is “Can we make a popsicle?” Indeed, there is nothing better on hot summer days for children of all ages. Here is a recipe for you. Popsicle forms may be purchased on or at local kitchen supply stores.

Step 1. Place blueberries or any other fruit chunks into the popsicle forms.
blueberries into popsicles

Step 2. Fill the popsicle forms with fresh juice.
While in this picture you see apple juice, our favorite is orange juice.

fresh juice popsicles make juice popsicles


Step 3. Snap the popsicle stems into place and put in a freezer for twelve hours or longer.

put juice popsicles into freezer
Step 4. Briefly run popsicles under warm water for easier popsicle extraction.
Step 5. Enjoy!

green smoothie popsicles Warm the juice popsicles

Enjoy juice popsicles


Sergei’s New Book

The WIld Edibles Book

Wild Edibles: A Practical Guide to Foraging, with Easy Identification of 60 Edible Plants and 67 Recipes

Dear friends,

If you’ve been following our weekly newsletters, you know how much we value foraged greens. Now, we are happy to announce that Sergei’s new book “Wild Edibles” will be out in two months. And this is the official pre-sale!

“Wild Edibles” is written in an inviting style and makes foraging accessible to people of all ages. It is illustrated with over 300 color photos and contains 67 recipes. Whether you live in the United States or abroad, Sergei’s book expands on the most common wild edibles found worldwide.
The first 100 people who pre-order “Wild Edibles,” will receive an autographed copy.

The price of this book is $19.95

Order “Wild Edibles” by Clicking Here


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Healthy Snacks & Fun School Lunches for Children

No Comments 09 May 2013

Dear Friends,

During the past winter we have been sharing special winter fruits with our little ones; cherimoyas, pomegranates, papayas, mandarins, and of course, prickly (cactus) pears. In the following 1-minute video my grandson Nic shows how to prepare and enjoy this nutritious fruit.

Healthy Snacks Video

I feel so happy about how my two grandchildren make healthy food choices in their everyday lives. Yesterday, on the way from a swimming lesson, when I handed 5-year-old Lily her snack, she opened it and said with a smile, “Ah, prickly pears!”

If served in the right manner and at the right moment, healthy snacks become helpful in developing your children’s health. I wish I had the knowledge I have now from the very beginning of my parenting years. To help others, I put all of my acquired tips in my new e-book “Healthy Snacks & Fun School Lunches for Children.”

Healthy Snacks & Fun School Lunches for Children eBook Cover Healthy Snacks & Fun School Lunches for Children eBook Content

24 pages
45 color photos
Price $2.99 Instant download

To Order, Click Here

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A Meaningful Conversation with a Child

No Comments 15 April 2013

Dear Friends,

My grandson Nic watched Sergei singing “Green Smoothie Hustla” on YouTube and asked if he could also sing something in a video clip. We said, “Yes!” Nic picked a song he likes. Valya has put together this 2-minute video. Enjoy!

Wonderful World song by a child
To hear Sergei’s popular song “Green Smoothie Hustla” click here.


A Meaningful Conversation with a Child

Whenever spending time with my two grandchildren, I try to avoid using the following two questions:

1 – How was school?

2 – What do you want to be when you grow up?

I have noticed that these two questions are asked most often, and that children automatically give standard answers without thinking. Also I have noticed that most children have a hard time learning through listening. At the same time, they learn well through deep conversations. So, every time we drive in the car, or walk from a class, I try to engage my grandkids into a meaningful conversation. I believe that such dialogues develop their ability to observe, which is the path to wisdom.

Today my grandson Nic and I had an interesting conversation when we were driving from his music lesson. I would like to share it with you. Maybe you can send me some of your own meaningful conversations?

Nic: How come my teacher is teaching me so well?

Victoria: What do you mean?

N: Anne explains everything to me; when I make mistakes, she doesn’t yell at me. And my lessons go so fast that I don’t even notice how my class is over.

V: I think your teacher is teaching you so well because she has integrity.

N: What is that?

V: Integrity is a quality when a person is unable to do something bad.

For example, you cannot hit a dog with the stick.

N: No I can’t.

V: What if I will offer you $10 and ask you to hit the dog with a big stick?

N: No I can’t do it even for $10 either.

V: What if somebody will offer you $1000 to hit the dog with a big stick, would you do it?

N: (Nic is thinking.) Maybe I could slowly touch the dog with a stick for a $1000?

V: The dogs are afraid of sticks. When someone approaches a dog with a stick in his hand, the dog becomes scared.

Happy Healthy Dog N: Then how come the dogs like to chase sticks?

V: Those sticks are small and the owner throws the branch away from the dog, not at the dog.

N:  Ah, I see. How do people get integrity?

V: I think we are all born with integrity but then later we often lose it.

N: How come?

V: What do you think?

N: I don’t know.

V: What makes a boy to hit the dog with a stick?

N: He is a bad boy?

V: Keep thinking. Imagine yourself being that boy.

N: Maybe he forgot how the dog feels? Maybe he is angry?

V: Yes, Nic, this is my observation also, when people become angry they lose their integrity.

N: Sometimes I get angry with my sister.

V: Tell me, what would you prefer, to live in the world full of angry people, or full of people with integrity?

N: People with integrity.

V: That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

N: Yeah. And the dogs will be happy too.

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