I Want Abs (a new film by Sergei Boutenko)


I Want Abs (a new film by Sergei Boutenko)

No Comments 29 January 2015

Dear Readers,

This year Sergei has resolved to accomplish his personal fitness goals and he wants to inspire as many people as possible to accomplish theirs. Sergei’s new project called: “I Want Abs” is about discovering what it really takes to attain a high fitness level and sculpt a well-defined six-pack.  Sergei wants to film the entire process of getting abs from start to finish with himself as the lab rat. Once he figures out exactly what it takes and has the six pack recipe, he hopes to share it with the world in the form of a feature length documentary.

Losing weight and getting in shape is a $60 billion industry in United States. Amidst the sea of health coaches and fitness guru’s there are a lot of gimmicks and bad advice. Sergei intends to put together a realistic, no-gimmicks program for shedding excess weight, building muscle, and developing abs. Then, Sergei will put his program to the test under the supervision of health and fitness professionals. To maintain transparency, all of Sergei’s successes and failures will be filmed to provide viewers with accurate information about the real process of getting in shape.

To learn more about this project click on the link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sergeiboutenko/i-want-abs or watch the video below.

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3 More Recipes from Victoria’s New Book

No Comments 09 October 2014

Dear Readers,

Please enjoy three more delicious recipes from my new book “Green Smoothie Prescription.” Continue Reading

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Blow-Out Kids Books Bundle Sale!

No Comments 03 October 2014

Dear Readers,

We have decided to sell through our remaining stock of children’s books, and so we are having a blow-out sale! We’ve put our hearts and souls into these beautiful books, and are tremendously excited to make them available in this pre-holiday sale. Starting today, you can get all 5 of our children’s books for only $12.95! That means you save $30.00!

Take advantage of this super-sale while supplies last, because we will not be re-printing our children’s books. This is your last chance to order this inspiring children’s library. These unique books make wonderful gifts for children and families. These books focus on teaching children about nutrition in a playful and entertaining manner. The beautiful illustrations and endearing stories will have your children reaching for these books again and again.

This rare collection of children’s books includes 5 different picture books. The illustrations for these books were painted by the hands of master painters. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself enjoying the stories alongside your children. Some parents report that they finally understood how green smoothies work only after reading Green Smoothie Magic!

The blow-out sale bundle of books includes each of the following picture books:
    • I Love Greens
    • Green Smoothie Magic
    • Fruits I Love
    • A Gift From Little Bear
    • Will You Love Me Still?

Childrens Book: I Love Greens Childrens Book: Green Smoothie Magic Childrens Book: Fruits I Love
Childrens Book: Gift from little bear Childrens Book: Will you love me still

To order the Raw Family children’s book bundle, for $12.95 click here, or visit http://www.rawfamily.com

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Why Green Smoothie Prescription

No Comments 24 September 2014

Dear Friends,

Many of you have asked me why I decided to call my new book “The Green Smoothie Prescription.” The fact is, this book is exactly that; it contains over 150 recipes that are prescriptive. All of the sweet and savory recipes you’ll find in my new book are designed to heal everything from damaged liver to skin problems. And if you should happen to have a condition that is not covered in recipe section, you may use the A-Z nutrient prescription chapter in my book where I have compiled a detailed list of the nutritional properties of 118 ingredients commonly used in green smoothie preparation and you may tailor your own green smoothies according to your personal needs.

I wrote my new book, The Green Smoothie Prescription, because I believe that increasing the daily consumption of fresh greens can help everyone naturally restore their health. The book contains all of the best scientific data available about the benefits of green vegetables.

I asked Sergei to demonstrate the preparation of three smoothies from my new book. In the video below you see Sergei blending the following three smoothies:

Fibromyalgia Relief

Heartburn Remedy

Migraine Relief

Green Smoothie Prescription Video
You may pre-order your copy of The Green Smoothie Prescription from these stores:

Amazon       Barnes & Noble       IndieBound       iBookstore

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A Complimentary eBook of Recipes from Sergei

No Comments 22 August 2014

Dear Friends,

Sergei recently returned to Oregon from Europe where he toured around Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, England, and Russia premiering his new film “Powered By Green Smoothies.”

All of Sergei’s screenings were successful and many of the movie-goes were inspired to drink green smoothies and exercise after watching the film.

A Complimentary eBook of Recipes from Sergei
To keep the viewers motivated to drink their smoothies, Sergei recently compiled a complimentary eBook of recipes from the film.

Sergei's Documentary on Food Matters TV
Click the link below to download this eBook for free!

You may try these delicious recipes before or after your workouts to help your body recover from inflammation and free radicals.

Sergei’s Documentary on Food Matters TV

If you haven’t seen “Powered By Green Smoothies,” please note that it’s now more accessible than ever before. This month Sergei has partnered with Food Matters TV so that you can instantly stream the film via Internet from wherever you are. Food matters TV is a Netflix-like platform dedicated solely to health-related documentaries. Check it out here:

Powered By Green Smoothies

A Testimonial from a Viewer

Hi Sergei!

I must thank you for your information. Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with Lupus. Since then I always had an underlying level of some inflammation (CRP). No symptoms, but the tests revealed this constant low inflammation.

A few months ago I got my Vitamix and after I had a few false starts on my own, I found your Green Smoothie App for my iPad. Once I understood the formula for an easily absorbable green smoothie, I became hooked.

Recently I saw my rheumatologist for some routine blood tests. This time my inflammation was a big fat zero for the first time.

At some point I found you and followed you on Facebook, and that is how I found out about your Kickstarter campaign. While I’m not an athlete by any stretch, I still knew the importance of getting that CRP down. I am so glad that you are getting the word out about this important fact. Greens improve lives!

All the best,

Jackie P.

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