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Cranberries, a True Superfood at Your Store

No Comments 30 December 2013

Cranberries are in season. These red berries are a true superfood.

Weight LossCranberries, a True Superfood at Your Store With Childrens Book
The December issue of Nutrition Journal has just published some new research, which demonstrates that flavonoids, present in high levels in cranberries promote healthy weight in those who regularly consumes cranberries.

Earlier this month Dr. Michael Greger published an article “Which Fruit Fights Cancer Better?” about cranberries. These berries were found to suppress the growth of human liver cancer cells in vitro. Other studies have found similar effects against human breast, colon, brain tumor, oral, and ovarian cancer cells. Cranberries also possess strong anti-cancer properties in cases with prostate cancer. 1

Cardiovascular Health
Berries are a good source of polyphenols, especially anthocyanins, micronutrients, and fiber. In epidemiological and clinical studies, these constituents have been associated with improved cardiovascular risk profiles. 2 Scientists recommend cranberries along with other berries as a heart-healthy diet.

Prevention of Urinary Tract Infections
Cranberries contain two compounds that seem to help keep certain bacteria (like E. coli) from attaching to the urinary tract wall. Studies offer evidence that women who drink cranberry juice may suffer fewer symptomatic urinary tract infections.

Add Cranberries to Green Smoothies
Fresh cranberries are usually very tart and not so tasty. In my family we add a handful of cranberries daily to our green smoothies. I usually buy several extra bags and freeze them, so that we can have them after the season is over.


Valya’s App is Now Available on Android

Healthy Fruit Iphone GameDear Friends,

You can learn many interesting facts about produce on Valya’s app called “Quality Produce” which is available both on iPhone and Android.

In The iPhone App Store Android app on Google Play

Victoria’s app “Green Smoothies” is also available both on iPhone and Android.

In The iPhone App Store Android app on Google Play

For more information please click here.

Warning: Please limit your use of all those gadgets so that you have time to enjoy life without EMF


Last Day for Holiday Bundle Sale

Dear Friends,

We decided to leave all of our sales for one more day.

Our Raw Family Holiday Bundle consists of 10 items for $25,

Please visit our shop here.

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New Green Smoothies App for iPhones and Androids

No Comments 06 December 2013

Dear Friends,

We have been working hard and have entirely redesigned our “Green Smoothies” app, now available for different smart gadgets!

New Features:

  • Completely rewritten from the ground up for speed and compatibility, whole new user experience, we’ll think you’ll love it;
  • New recipes! Both Android and iOS Apps now have over 100 recipes;
  • Tablet Support;

If you rated the Green Smoothies app previously we would love it if you updated your rating for this new app.

Green Smoothies App Award
Earlier this year, our Green Smoothie app received “Best of Raw” golden medal.

The price of this app is $1.99

In The iPhone App Store Android app on Google Play

Features in This App:

    Health Mobile Apps

  • “Recipes” – You may find recipes by name or photo out of all recipes. Flag your favorite recipes for easy access.
  • “Ingredients” – You may view complete list of possible green smoothie ingredients. By clicking on any ingredient you will see suggested combinations for green smoothies.
    • For example, if you have spinach then click on “Spinach.”
    • You will see the nutritional data on spinach.
    • Then click on “find recipes with Spinach.” You will see 22 recipes with spinach.
  • “Categories” – you may narrow down the smoothie choice by choosing a category.
  • “Videos” – Watch videos on how to make smoothies
  • “FAQs” – Frequently Asked Questions and tips on green smoothies
  • “Guide” – Detailed guide on how to choose ingredients and make smoothies.

Other Apps by the Boutenkos:

Quality Produce App
Wild Edibles
Green Smoothie Game (educational game)
Fruit Pick Game (educational game)

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Strawberry Lemonade

No Comments 23 July 2013

The weather here in Oregon is very hot now. Sergei and Valya keep blending different concoctions every day to help us stay cool, and replenish the liquids and electrolytes lost through sweating. Today we enjoyed Valya’s lemonade.

Please enjoy it too:

Green Strawberry Smoothie

Strawberry Lemonade Recipe

10 strawberries
1 lemon, juiced
4 dates (or 2 Tablespoon honey)
I quart pure water

Blend well.
Serves 3

Packs of Facts in our iPhone Apps

Dear Friends,

If you own an iPhone or iPad, or if you have a relative or friend who owns such a device, we invite you to take advantage of our apps. We have created several health-oriented apps that are of highest quality.
Green Strawberry App Award

We have a total of five apps. Our Green Smoothie app received an award this year, called “Favorite Raw Food App,” from Best of Raw.
Our Green Smoothie Game is hand-drawn by the same artist who illustrated our children books.
Valya’s app, Quality Produce, is so beautiful and informative; we regularly receive compliments on its content from all over the world.

The information in our apps is based on scientific facts and provides inspiration to consume healthy foods for adults and children. Our apps make a wonderful and affordable gift that promotes education and healthy living.

Unfortunately, we are unable to create versions of these apps for other smartphones due to specific technological reasons. We will let you know if this circumstance will change.


Raw Family Fruit Pick Apps Green Smoothie Game App Green Smoothie Game Wild Edibles App

For more information please click here.

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Sergei’s New Music Video

1 Comment 27 November 2012

Dear Friends,

Once, when I was ten years old, my father told me that the best gifts are the gifts we give ourselves. I didn’t believe him. “It cannot be so”, I thought. On my next birthday my father invited me to go to the mountains to pick wild strawberries and blueberries so that my mother could prepare a jam from them for the winter.

Make great tasting green smoothies

We left early in the morning even before the buses started running and walked all the way from our apartment to the forest and hiked all day long with a short break for lunch. We found lots of berries and gorged on them until our mouths became sore from eating them.

We returned home in the late afternoon carrying lots of berries. My father brought a large bucket and I carried a smaller container, approximately three liters (3 quarts) in size. I was tired and proud of all my accomplishments, helping family and being able to work all day. I remember how my father explained that we covered about sixteen kilometers (10 miles) that day. My father and I returned home just in time for a special supper my mother prepared for my birthday. The food seemed to be super tasty. My parents presented me with some toy; I don’t remember now what it was. At the table father asked me if I had a good birthday. “I had the best birthday!” I replied, feeling deeply happy inside. I finally understood what my father had meant about the gifts we give ourselves.

Since then, I have always tried to gift myself in this way on special occasions. I enjoyed jumping in a ice-cold rivers on New Eve’s Days, finishing books by my birthday, participated in races, and even fasting on water on Mother’s Day.

Naturally, I encouraged my three children to adopt this way of celebrating and they love doing so. Today, November 27, Sergei is celebrating his 28th birthday. He has created a new song, and has put together a new funny video clip to go with it. Enjoy!

Green Smoothie Hustla Video
If you like the song you may purchase the audio for 99c Here


Green Smoothie iPhone App Update

Green Smoothie iPhone App

Coincidentally, today we have posted an update to the Green Smoothies App making it version 4.0. We included the ability to rotate the screen, it now has native support for iPad. We have further improved this program and made it compatible with the new IOS version 6 and iPhone 5/iPad 4 devices.
If you own this app please update it.
You may find more information Here.

In The iPhone App Store

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Thistle Green Smoothie

No Comments 18 June 2012

Thistle Green Smoothie


Green Smoothie Recipe with ThistleCan we really eat that thorny looking thing? That’s what Valya and I asked Sergei when he began cutting the sow thistle into the bucket during our morning walk.

“You are in for a big surprise,” he replied.

That was the best green smoothie I’ve tasted so far! I went back to the path and took some photos to share with you. If you have them growing in your proximities, you are in for a treat. Invite somebody who owns a good high-speed blender to hike with you, because you will need one for this plant.

You will need gloves, whether rubber, plastic or cloth, and scissors. Cut the sticky plants directly into the bucket, then go straight home and blended it.Five minutes after picking the greens with Sergei, Valya and I were sipping this scrumptious smoothie. It doesn’t get fresher than that! Sow Thistle
Sow thistle

Thistle Green Smoothie Recipe

Green Smoothie Recipe with Thistle

One small bucket of thistle (flowers, leaves and young stems)
Two ripe mangoes (peeled, seed removed)
One ripe apple
3 – 4 cups water

Blend well. There is a saying: if you try something for the first time, make a wish and it will come true. Make a wish and enjoy!

Jawcerciser Patented

Dear Friends,

Last week I have finally received a large yellow envelope with the U.S. patent for my jawcercisers inside.
Green Smoothie Recipe with Thistle
I am very happy that my invention has now been officially recognized because I believe that this is a miraculous device that has strong potential to improve dental health naturally, especially for children.

Now that I have a patent, I would like to sell the rights to this invention to a professional company, as I am not a dentist and don’t have the capacity to market and distribute it properly. I have received several offers from large corporations, but I would prefer to see my jawcercisers go to a holistic dental company that is interested in preventive medicine as well as in natural medicine approach.

I was very happy to notice that often the same people have been purchasing jaw exercisers on an ongoing basis, including several naturopathic doctors, a choir director from New York, and a speech-language therapist from Los Angeles. The jaw exerciser improves one’s jawbone density when it’s used on a regular basis.

As always we would greatly appreciate anyone’s honest and constructive feedback about your experience with jawcercisers. To send us your comments, please Click Here

One common question we receive from customers is, what is the difference between white (resin) and tan (silicon) jawcercisers, and why are they different in price? The silicon jaw exercisers are made for those who have an allergy to resin. Unfortunately, they don’t last as long. The resin (white) exercisers last several times longer and that’s why we have discounted the silicon jawcercisers.

To celebrate our patent, we offer a special deal on jaw exercisers for the rest of this month.

Natural resin (white) jaw exerciser – $15.01
Natural silicone (tan) jaw exerciser – $10.01

To order, please Click Here.

Dr. Lodi’s Cancer Conference

I deeply respect and appreciate my dear friend Dr. Lodi. Last year when Valya and I went to interview him, we witnessed his knowledge, integrity, and softness with his patience. Please find Valya’s 3-minute video with Dr. Lodi here:

Raw Vegan Radio” host, Steve Prussak, is now introducing the Healing Cancer Naturally from Home program with Dr. Tom Lodi, in which Dr. Lodi answers many audience questions – live! You may listen to a replay of yesterday’s conference at this link:

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