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Green Kombucha Smoothie

No Comments 13 January 2014

Green Kombucha Smoothie
Dear Friends,
I love to experiment and during the last couple of weeks I have been using kombucha as a base for my smoothies. Actually, “kombucha” is not a proper name for this drink since it is the name of a company that sells the drink. The word “Kombucha” comes from Japanese “kombu” – seaweed and “cha”- tea, and means seaweed tea, which does not apply to what people call “kombucha.” A more appropriate name for this drink is “mushroom tea.” But similar to “Xerox” or “Crayola” the name of the brand took off in the place of the product. Depicted in the photo is my own kombucha mushroom that I grow in a gallon glass jar. Making my own costs me next to nothing, where store-bought kombucha can be quite expensive.

Kombucha is very high in glucaric acid, and recent studies have shown that glucaric acid helps prevent cancer. It also contains glucosamines that help prevent all forms of arthritis. Kombucha is said to improve digestion, fight candida, and boost your immunity system through its high levels of antioxidants. You may read more about this mushroom tea here: Below is one of my favorite recipes with Kombucha.

Puppy KaleGreen Kombucha Smoothie

1 bunch of kale
2 peeled kiwis
1 apple
1 ripe banana
2 cups kombucha (mushroom tea)

Yields 2 quarts


I was going to make a smoothie from this kale and provide a photo for you, but Valya visited me along with her puppy, and the puppy stole the kale.
So, instead, enjoy the photo of a happy and healthy puppy.

Sale This Week

We have been receiving more comments from our customers about the Jawcercisers™. We even received letters from two dentists. They both confirmed that jawcercisers improve the bone density in teeth and jaws but said they were not interested in carrying them. I think I know why.

From the feedback we receive it appears that jawcercisers work best for children, young adults, and people with their own teeth as a perfect prevention against tooth decay. For those who have crowns, dentures, and other dental devices, the Jawcercisers seem to be less effective.

The Jawcerciser enables its user to compensate for missing adequate chewing. This simple device is a resistance exerciser for your jaw. Regular use of the Jawcerciser naturally increases the saliva flow and provides proper resistance for your teeth. Use of Jawcerciser for 1–3 minutes (or more) once or twice a day can greatly improve your oral health. We chew on them ourselves!

We now carry only one kind of Jawcercisers, made from resin. This week we offer Jawcerciser at $10 off. The sale will end next Wednesday, January 22, 2014

To order click here.

Happy chewing!

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Victoria’s Response to Criticism of Green Smoothies

No Comments 03 December 2013

Victoria's Response to Criticism of Green Smoothies With Childrens Book
Hundreds of thousands of people around the globe are happily consuming green smoothies. My inbox is overflowing with testimonials of amazing recoveries that I receive daily from green smoothie drinkers. We have videotaped testimonials from people who started drinking green smoothies and were able to reverse heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes type II, and many other conditions.

However, as Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “There are as many opinions as there are experts.” For this reason, once in a while I run into counter claims. Below are my answers to some of them.

        1.   Claim: Blending destroys fiber.

My answer: I verified what science has to say about blending fiber. I was able to find several studies that conclude that “particle size of the fiber source did not affect performance.” 1 The most interesting research article I found was from, “Gut,” an international peer-reviewed journal for health professionals and researchers in gastroenterology & hepatology. Volume 37, Issue 2: “Effect of bran particle size on gastric emptying and small bowel transit in humans.” Authors R Vincent, A Roberts, et al, compared bran particles of 2 mm to less than .7 mm.

This study found that both fine and coarse fiber have only 2% difference in performance, favoring the smaller fiber. Moreover, the researchers stated “Fine bran causes less disturbance of gastric physiology than coarse bran” 2 and discussed how finely ground fiber increases nutrient absorption, and reduces bloating, heartburn, and constipation.

        2.   Claim: Blending destroys 90% of nutrients.

In an interview ( two respectable doctors bring a wealth of information on a natural healing. Towards the end of the interview, Dr. Clement states that “blending your veggies using a blender can kill up to 90 percent of the nutrients in 90 seconds.” Next, in contradiction to his own statement he explains, that “vitamins A, E, C; the basic five nutrients are killed in 90 seconds of blending with a high-speed blender.”

There is a big difference between these two statements:

•     blending can kill up to 90 percent of [all] the nutrients;

•     90 percent of the basic five nutrients are killed by blending

There are many studies done in the US, in Netherlands, and in other countries. For example, here is one scientific study, which compares blending and juicing. In the following statement (I have highlighted the most important content.)

“Due to the consumer’s interest in obtaining high levels of phytochemicals, it is important to understand the changes in their levels by common household processing techniques. Therefore, mature Texas “Rio Red” grapefruits were processed by some of the common household processing practices such as blending, juicing, and hand squeezing techniques and analyzed for their phytochemical content by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Results suggest that grapefruit juice processed by blending had significantly (P < 0.05) higher levels of flavonoids (narirutin, naringin, hesperidin, neohesperidin, didymin, and poncirin) and limonin compared to juicing and hand squeezing. No significant variation in their content was noticed in the juice processed by juicing and hand squeezing. Ascorbic acid and citric acid were significantly (P < 0.05) higher in juice processed by juicing and blending, respectively. Furthermore, hand squeezed fruit juice had significantly higher contents of dihydroxybergamottin (DHB) than juice processed by juicing and blending. Bergamottin and 5-methoxy-7 gernoxycoumarin (5-M-7-GC) were significantly higher in blended juice compared to juicing and hand squeezing. Therefore, consuming grapefruit juice processed by blending may provide higher levels of health beneficial phytochemicals. 3

From my personal observation, I seriously doubt that blending destroys vitamin C because I witnessed countless times how people who consume green smoothies on a regular basis, tested outstandingly high both in vitamin C and in antioxidants tests.

        3.   Claim: Oxalic acid in spinach and other greens cause kidney stones

To answer this claim, I have written an article where I present lots of citations from original research documents.

About 85% of all kidney stones contain calcium salts, calcium oxalate and/or calcium phosphate. It seems logical to connect calcium oxalate with oxalic acid in some foods, such as spinach, soy, tea, coffee, wheat, and some others. However, you will not find any scientifically documented evidence that oxalic acid in food causes the formation of kidney stones. On the contrary, substantial scientific research in different countries has demonstrated that oxalic acid from food plays an insignificant role in the formation of kidney stones.

Excesses in Animal Protein are a Major Risk Factors in Kidney Stones Formation. You may read the rest of this article on my blog.

        4.   Claim: Fruits are too sweet for you

I completely understand how eating only unripe, conventionally grown fruit might be considered to be harmful to health. Some of you might wonder, what can I do if I don’t have access to high quality fruit? First of all, become aware. Second, go to U-pick farms in the summer and freeze berries and fruit for your winter. Third, talk to your local farmers and see if they can help you find a way to provide you with organic produce. Finally, watch Valya’s presentation on Espalier and harvest your own perfect fruit.

It is my opinion that fruit, if it’s ripe and organic, is an essential part of the human diet. Even in Northern Siberia, where there is a permanent frost, people gather both sweet and sour berries in the summer. However I don’t recommend a completely fruitarian diet because it is not complete. Greens are the most nutritious food on our planet. In my food pyramid greens take the first place and ripe organic fruit takes the second. You may read the rest of this article on my blog.

Everyone should eat more greens. By consuming green smoothies, my body is able to absorb up to two bunches (two pounds) of greens every day. That is why I choose to encourage people to consume green smoothies.

If alternative doctors will fight with each other over non-essential particulars of natural healing, we may only confuse people. Moreover, we may become easy prey for the medical establishment’s criticism. Instead, let us unite on whatever common grounds we share.

Our Sale This Week

The Jawcerciser™ is made in the USA from natural resin and contains no dyes or flavorings. We spent a lot of time and effort to ensure that our products are completely safe and have no toxic ingredients. We chew on them ourselves!

The instruction to Jawcerciser™ use is included inside the package.

To learn more about the Jawcerciser™, please visit:

This week we offer 40% discount off our Jawcerciser™

Special price: $15.01
(Regular price: $25.01)

You may buy Jawcerciser™ at a discounted price here.

This special sale will end on next Wednesday, December 11, 2013


2 Effect of bran particle size on gastric emptying and small bowel transit in humans: a scintigraphic study
R Vincent, A Roberts, M Frier, A C Perkins, I A MacDonald, R C Spiller. Gut 1995; 37: 216-219

3 Uckoo RM, et al “Grapefruit phytochemicals composition is modulated by household processing techniques.”.Journal of Food Science Texas, USA; 2012 Sep;77(9):C921-6.


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The Healing Cancer World Summit-2012

No Comments 29 October 2012

Dear Friends,

My friend Kevin Gianni has put together a new program “The Healing Cancer World Summit-2012”. It begins this Wednesday October 31.

Last year I received many emails after Cancer Summit-2011. I learned from your emails that that summit helped many people and literally saved lives.

This event is free!

In this 5-day online event with replays, you will:

  • Discover the natural cancer treatments that really work
  • As well as the ones that don’t!
  • Learn how to prevent cancer
  • Receive tools to deal with the stress and fear of cancer
  • Hear dozens of stories of people who healed themselves without drugs or surgery
  • Discover from their doctors exactly what they did to be cancer-free naturally!

To register click here

There will be a drawing and you may win a Vitamix Blender or a Greenstar twin-gear Juicer

What Our Jawcercisers are Made out of

Often our customers ask us to explain what material our jaw exercisers are made out of. We are proud to let you know that they are made out of natural rubber. Natural rubber, also called India Rubber, is a mixture of organic polyisoprene as well as water. This material is classified as an elastomer (an elastic polymer). It is derived from latex, a milky colloid produced by rubber trees.

Rubber Tree Milk

A small incision made into the bark of the tree and the sticky, milk colored latex sap collected every morning and refined into a usable rubber.

Here is a photo of a rubber tree farm I took while visiting Thailand. The farmers shared that they collect a full bucket of rubber milk at 4AM every morning.

The latex for our Jaw Exercisers comes from rubber trees in Vietnam.

Forest of rubber trees

You may order Jaw Exercisers here.

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Thistle Green Smoothie

No Comments 18 June 2012

Thistle Green Smoothie


Green Smoothie Recipe with ThistleCan we really eat that thorny looking thing? That’s what Valya and I asked Sergei when he began cutting the sow thistle into the bucket during our morning walk.

“You are in for a big surprise,” he replied.

That was the best green smoothie I’ve tasted so far! I went back to the path and took some photos to share with you. If you have them growing in your proximities, you are in for a treat. Invite somebody who owns a good high-speed blender to hike with you, because you will need one for this plant.

You will need gloves, whether rubber, plastic or cloth, and scissors. Cut the sticky plants directly into the bucket, then go straight home and blended it.Five minutes after picking the greens with Sergei, Valya and I were sipping this scrumptious smoothie. It doesn’t get fresher than that! Sow Thistle
Sow thistle

Thistle Green Smoothie Recipe

Green Smoothie Recipe with Thistle

One small bucket of thistle (flowers, leaves and young stems)
Two ripe mangoes (peeled, seed removed)
One ripe apple
3 – 4 cups water

Blend well. There is a saying: if you try something for the first time, make a wish and it will come true. Make a wish and enjoy!

Jawcerciser Patented

Dear Friends,

Last week I have finally received a large yellow envelope with the U.S. patent for my jawcercisers inside.
Green Smoothie Recipe with Thistle
I am very happy that my invention has now been officially recognized because I believe that this is a miraculous device that has strong potential to improve dental health naturally, especially for children.

Now that I have a patent, I would like to sell the rights to this invention to a professional company, as I am not a dentist and don’t have the capacity to market and distribute it properly. I have received several offers from large corporations, but I would prefer to see my jawcercisers go to a holistic dental company that is interested in preventive medicine as well as in natural medicine approach.

I was very happy to notice that often the same people have been purchasing jaw exercisers on an ongoing basis, including several naturopathic doctors, a choir director from New York, and a speech-language therapist from Los Angeles. The jaw exerciser improves one’s jawbone density when it’s used on a regular basis.

As always we would greatly appreciate anyone’s honest and constructive feedback about your experience with jawcercisers. To send us your comments, please Click Here

One common question we receive from customers is, what is the difference between white (resin) and tan (silicon) jawcercisers, and why are they different in price? The silicon jaw exercisers are made for those who have an allergy to resin. Unfortunately, they don’t last as long. The resin (white) exercisers last several times longer and that’s why we have discounted the silicon jawcercisers.

To celebrate our patent, we offer a special deal on jaw exercisers for the rest of this month.

Natural resin (white) jaw exerciser – $15.01
Natural silicone (tan) jaw exerciser – $10.01

To order, please Click Here.

Dr. Lodi’s Cancer Conference

I deeply respect and appreciate my dear friend Dr. Lodi. Last year when Valya and I went to interview him, we witnessed his knowledge, integrity, and softness with his patience. Please find Valya’s 3-minute video with Dr. Lodi here:

Raw Vegan Radio” host, Steve Prussak, is now introducing the Healing Cancer Naturally from Home program with Dr. Tom Lodi, in which Dr. Lodi answers many audience questions – live! You may listen to a replay of yesterday’s conference at this link:

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Jawcerciser Feedback: An effective Oral Device for Children

No Comments 07 September 2010

Victoria Boutenko’s most recent invention, the Jawcerciser, has been on the market for just over a year. Victoria has received a variety of feedback and will continue manufacturing the most popular and successful design in 2011. We are thrilled to learn that the Jawcerciser has been able to assist children with developing healthy adult teeth and is being used as a prevention measure for removing wisdom teeth in teenagers. Several adult friends have told us that they were able to stop grinding their teeth at night. If you have any feedback or testimonials from using the Jawcerciser please let us know.

To learn more about this device visit


“Victoria I have to tell you that when I first heard of your Jawcerciser™ I was very skeptical. I tried one only because it was created by you and because I trust you. My son who was nearly eight years old at the time, still had all of his baby teeth and we were worried that he was not going to have adult teeth come through.

My son started chewing his Jawcerciser™ twice per day for a few minutes at a time and after just a few short months his baby teeth loosened. He has now lost four teeth and his adult teeth are coming through.

I personally have used my Jawcerciser™ and have found that chewing before eating improves my digestion. Thank you for this wonderful product. You’re a gem.
-Jennie from Australia: ”

” Thanks to regular use of your Jawcerciser™ I see positive improvements in my 14-year-old son’s oral health. T is my youngest child out of three. Both of my older kids had their wisdom teeth removed.

At first I bought one Jawcerciser™ and we both shared chewing one, T had one end and I had the other. T soon loved it so much that he began chewing for long periods of time, particularly while doing his homework. I am pleased to let you know that he was chewing this device in place of chips or other snacks that he always used to graze on while preparing his homework. After several weeks T has chewed through his side and began chewing my side. In six months he chewed through three Jawcercisers™ The last one is white and it has been holding for several months now.

T is an energetic child, he moves all of the time- He says Jawcerciser™ is soothing for him As a mother, I hope T won’t have to go through the painful procedure of extracting his wisdom teeth, I believe chewing with resistance is a preventative measure to assist my son’s jaw bones in growing so his wisdom teeth come though naturally. To me, training a jaw bone in this way makes sense as it is similar to the concept behind osteoporosis prevention.”
– V.L. from Oregon: Continue Reading

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