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Victoria’s Response to Criticism of Green Smoothies

No Comments 03 December 2013

Victoria's Response to Criticism of Green Smoothies With Childrens Book
Hundreds of thousands of people around the globe are happily consuming green smoothies. My inbox is overflowing with testimonials of amazing recoveries that I receive daily from green smoothie drinkers. We have videotaped testimonials from people who started drinking green smoothies and were able to reverse heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes type II, and many other conditions.

However, as Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “There are as many opinions as there are experts.” For this reason, once in a while I run into counter claims. Below are my answers to some of them.

        1.   Claim: Blending destroys fiber.

My answer: I verified what science has to say about blending fiber. I was able to find several studies that conclude that “particle size of the fiber source did not affect performance.” 1 The most interesting research article I found was from, “Gut,” an international peer-reviewed journal for health professionals and researchers in gastroenterology & hepatology. Volume 37, Issue 2: “Effect of bran particle size on gastric emptying and small bowel transit in humans.” Authors R Vincent, A Roberts, et al, compared bran particles of 2 mm to less than .7 mm.

This study found that both fine and coarse fiber have only 2% difference in performance, favoring the smaller fiber. Moreover, the researchers stated “Fine bran causes less disturbance of gastric physiology than coarse bran” 2 and discussed how finely ground fiber increases nutrient absorption, and reduces bloating, heartburn, and constipation.

        2.   Claim: Blending destroys 90% of nutrients.

In an interview ( two respectable doctors bring a wealth of information on a natural healing. Towards the end of the interview, Dr. Clement states that “blending your veggies using a blender can kill up to 90 percent of the nutrients in 90 seconds.” Next, in contradiction to his own statement he explains, that “vitamins A, E, C; the basic five nutrients are killed in 90 seconds of blending with a high-speed blender.”

There is a big difference between these two statements:

•     blending can kill up to 90 percent of [all] the nutrients;

•     90 percent of the basic five nutrients are killed by blending

There are many studies done in the US, in Netherlands, and in other countries. For example, here is one scientific study, which compares blending and juicing. In the following statement (I have highlighted the most important content.)

“Due to the consumer’s interest in obtaining high levels of phytochemicals, it is important to understand the changes in their levels by common household processing techniques. Therefore, mature Texas “Rio Red” grapefruits were processed by some of the common household processing practices such as blending, juicing, and hand squeezing techniques and analyzed for their phytochemical content by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Results suggest that grapefruit juice processed by blending had significantly (P < 0.05) higher levels of flavonoids (narirutin, naringin, hesperidin, neohesperidin, didymin, and poncirin) and limonin compared to juicing and hand squeezing. No significant variation in their content was noticed in the juice processed by juicing and hand squeezing. Ascorbic acid and citric acid were significantly (P < 0.05) higher in juice processed by juicing and blending, respectively. Furthermore, hand squeezed fruit juice had significantly higher contents of dihydroxybergamottin (DHB) than juice processed by juicing and blending. Bergamottin and 5-methoxy-7 gernoxycoumarin (5-M-7-GC) were significantly higher in blended juice compared to juicing and hand squeezing. Therefore, consuming grapefruit juice processed by blending may provide higher levels of health beneficial phytochemicals. 3

From my personal observation, I seriously doubt that blending destroys vitamin C because I witnessed countless times how people who consume green smoothies on a regular basis, tested outstandingly high both in vitamin C and in antioxidants tests.

        3.   Claim: Oxalic acid in spinach and other greens cause kidney stones

To answer this claim, I have written an article where I present lots of citations from original research documents.

About 85% of all kidney stones contain calcium salts, calcium oxalate and/or calcium phosphate. It seems logical to connect calcium oxalate with oxalic acid in some foods, such as spinach, soy, tea, coffee, wheat, and some others. However, you will not find any scientifically documented evidence that oxalic acid in food causes the formation of kidney stones. On the contrary, substantial scientific research in different countries has demonstrated that oxalic acid from food plays an insignificant role in the formation of kidney stones.

Excesses in Animal Protein are a Major Risk Factors in Kidney Stones Formation. You may read the rest of this article on my blog.

        4.   Claim: Fruits are too sweet for you

I completely understand how eating only unripe, conventionally grown fruit might be considered to be harmful to health. Some of you might wonder, what can I do if I don’t have access to high quality fruit? First of all, become aware. Second, go to U-pick farms in the summer and freeze berries and fruit for your winter. Third, talk to your local farmers and see if they can help you find a way to provide you with organic produce. Finally, watch Valya’s presentation on Espalier and harvest your own perfect fruit.

It is my opinion that fruit, if it’s ripe and organic, is an essential part of the human diet. Even in Northern Siberia, where there is a permanent frost, people gather both sweet and sour berries in the summer. However I don’t recommend a completely fruitarian diet because it is not complete. Greens are the most nutritious food on our planet. In my food pyramid greens take the first place and ripe organic fruit takes the second. You may read the rest of this article on my blog.

Everyone should eat more greens. By consuming green smoothies, my body is able to absorb up to two bunches (two pounds) of greens every day. That is why I choose to encourage people to consume green smoothies.

If alternative doctors will fight with each other over non-essential particulars of natural healing, we may only confuse people. Moreover, we may become easy prey for the medical establishment’s criticism. Instead, let us unite on whatever common grounds we share.

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2 Effect of bran particle size on gastric emptying and small bowel transit in humans: a scintigraphic study
R Vincent, A Roberts, M Frier, A C Perkins, I A MacDonald, R C Spiller. Gut 1995; 37: 216-219

3 Uckoo RM, et al “Grapefruit phytochemicals composition is modulated by household processing techniques.”.Journal of Food Science Texas, USA; 2012 Sep;77(9):C921-6.


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Your Testimonies Please

No Comments 21 October 2013

Green Smoothies PictureDear Friends,

Do you like your green smoothies? Have you noticed any difference in your health? Did green smoothies save your life? Would you be interested in sharing your experience with as many people as possible?

I am writing a new book about green smoothies. It will be published in 2014, exactly ten years after I created the very first green smoothie in my office in Ashland, Oregon. For this anniversary I would like to share my latest research about green smoothies, accompanied with a dozen or so testimonials from real people.

I have written much of the book already. I think that your testimonials can inspire the world to consider natural health, starting with the green smoothie. This book will be read by thousands of people all over the world. If inspired, they all will become healthier, as well as their families.
Please consider the following when writing a testimonial for my upcoming book. I promise that everyone whose testimonial is chosen for the book will receive an autographed copy of the book from me. Here are some guidelines.

• My goal is to inspire other people to try green smoothies, I ask you to create the most compelling testimonial. Describe your health before and after you started drinking green smoothies. If you had health problems, please tell how you felt at your worst and then your recovery at its best.
• I prefer the most truthful stories, illustrated with many facts and anecdotes from real life.
• The length should be one to three pages. If you have more, consider publishing your own book!
• You may use your full name or your initials, city, state and country. It is your choice.
• Keep the praising of me and my family to the minimum. Instead, provide more details of your case.
• If you have photos that illustrate your health achievements, you may submit them. Before and After photos would be great. You may submit color photos, as the book will be printed in color.
• I can give only two weeks for sending your testimonial, as my deadline to submit the completed manuscript is very close. Please send your testimonial by October 31st of this year. On November 1st I will report to you the results.
• Please put the word “TESTIMONY” in your subject line, in capital letters. Otherwise, I can easily overlook your email.
• Email testimonials to this address:

Thank you very much dear friends, from the bottom of my heart and from all future readers of this book.

With Love and Smoothies,
Victoria Boutenko


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Video about the Importance of Bees

No Comments 14 October 2013

Dear Friends,

In his new 6-minute video, Sergei interviews a beekeeper. In a fun, positive manner, she explains:
• Why everyone should care about bees;
• In what way a bee is connected to your apple pie;
• How can anyone of us help the bees;
• What is the magnetic relationship between bees and flowers
• And other amazing tips. Enjoy!

The Importance of Bees

Wild Edible Poker Cards

Sergei loves wilderness and wants to teach everyone about wild edible plants.

Recently he created a deck of poker cards with a survivalist twist for the nature-loving outdoor enthusiasts.

To afford the printing of these cards, Sergei started a Kickstarter project with several inexpensive offers for backers.

To view more details click here.


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A Brilliant Life in Darkness

No Comments 09 September 2013

Dear Friends,

Do you remember reading about this man in my book “Green for Life“?

“I absolutely have to tell you about Alexander Suvorov, whom I met several times and who became my hero and inspiration for many years. Suvorov became totally blind and deaf when he was three years old. Nevertheless, he was so eager to live his life to the fullest that he learned to speak and to understand what other people were saying by holding their hands.

He graduated from high school with honors and acquired a PhD at Moscow University. Suvorov wrote dozens of brilliant books on philosophy and countless scientific articles about helping blind and deaf children. While being unable to view a single movie himself, Suvorov created three engaging documentaries about his perception of life.

I recall the presentation of his first film. It attracted huge crowds in Moscow in the 1970s. People were deeply impressed by Suvorov’s sincerity and passion. I remember that after the movie was over, nobody left the theater for a long time. We just sat there bewildered, sobbing, and ashamed of our cowardly lives and stupid fears.

Alexander Suvorov, living his life in physical darkness and constant silence, had a dream to travel to other countries. So he learned two foreign languages and traveled to several countries on his own. When people asked him why he went, he replied that he wanted “to see the world for himself.”

Since publishing my book nine years ago, I have been receiving countless requests from my readers to learn more about this man. Until now all of the movies were in Russian and unavailable. Last week, RT-TV presented a 25-minute documentary of Alexander Suvorov in English.

A Brilliant Life in Darkness (RT Documentary)

By the way, I emailed my book “Green for Life” in Russian to Alexander Suvorov and he began drinking green smoothies. Maybe you noticed a blender in the middle of his kitchen table on the minute 20:06.

Green for Life 2nd Edition - The Updated Classic on Green Smoothie NutritionVictoria’s book “Green for Life” (paperback)

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We Are Back from Siberia

No Comments 15 July 2013

Dear Friends,

Sergei in an icefield
Sergei and Valya at a river iceberg – June, 2013

You have not heard from us for almost a month because all three of us have been traveling deep in North East Siberia. This region is called Yakutia and it is famous for its record number of centenarians, people over 100 years old.

Yakutian centenarians are protected by their local government and it is generally prohibited to visit them for an interview. It took us many months of negotiations and lots of paperwork in order to obtain the official permission along with the addresses of four centenarians. However, they so much enjoyed our visits that we were granted an opportunity to meet many more of them.

We traveled to many villages, some very distant. Most days we spent 18 hours in the Jeep-like Russian car. The roads were extremely bumpy because the ground is permanently frozen in this part of Siberia. Yakutia is officially the coldest populated place on Earth.

The average temperature in the winter in Yakutia is -58°C (−72 °F). For this reason, no fruits and almost no vegetables grow in Yakutia during its short summer. All the water, gas, and sewer pipes have to be run above the ground with a thick layer of isolation materials. All the buildings are built on special stilts. We found ourselves wondering how people can survive in such an extreme climate and even live to be over 100 years old?

We wanted to visit the homes of centenarians and research their secrets. Sergei and Valya videotaped almost a hundred hours of interviews and took hundreds of photos. We also took samples of the water Yakutians drink. We are expecting the results of the water tests to arrive this week.

Centenarians in Russia
On the above photo you may see two centenarians and some 90+ years old neighbors, along with their children and grandchildren. They are holding the paintings made by one of the centenarians this year. Most centenarians we met live a creative life and completely serve themselves. We saw a 105-year-old woman who sews daily and threads her sewing needle with thread without the aid of glasses.

We have gathered important data, which sheds more light into the understanding of the key factors that help sustain vibrant health.

To avoid mistakes in our conclusions, we are going to look through all of our materials before we release any more details. So please be patient and you will hear from us soon.


Sergei’s New Book is Here

Sergei Boutenko

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As the postage went up, we are shipping domestic books by media mail ($2.98) International orders will also be shipped this week.

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