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Why Green Smoothies can cause Constipation & Gas

3 Comments 11 March 2010

QUESTION: I started eating a raw food diet and drinking green smoothies three days ago, and I feel constipated. What did I do wrong?

VICTORIA: When people eat predominately refined food, which is low in fiber, their bowels become sluggish. For this reason, the contents of the large intestines are moved not from peristalsis but rather from being pushed by the following meals. Raw food is high in fiber and nutrition, and it consists of 90 percent water. That is a big change for the intestines to get used to. It may take a couple of weeks and sometimes longer, for the intestines to heal, for their muscle tone to improve, and for them to start working properly.

QUESTION: “Sometimes when I eat something with fruit, my belly starts to produce gas right away and make lots of noise. Is that because my body doesn’t like what I am eating at the moment?”

VICTORIA: Unfortunately, as we age, hydrochloric acid levels in the stomach become lower. We become gassier with age. My recommendation is chew your food more – even your smoothies and juice- drink slowly, munch it in your mouth and mix it with saliva. Also, try to use a blender (like a Vitamix or K- Tec blender) that will break down your green smoothies as much as possible. Break it down into small particles and you will have less gas. If you are using a cheap blender, you will have larger particles and will have to be more careful about eating it slowly and chewing it thoroughly.

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  1. heather says:

    I have been drinking the green smoothies for about a month now. At first my bowel movements were normal and on a daily basis. But for the past 2 weeks I have been battling constipation. What am I doing wrong or different?

  2. emilyb says:

    Dear Heather, Your intestines are probably still adjusting. Stick at it and see how you feel after another 1 week or so. It would also depend on what other foods you are eating and what other changes you have made.


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