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Does Blending Reduce the Benefits of Fiber?

0 Comments 16 September 2013

Does Blending Reduce the Benefits of Fiber? (RT Documentary)Dear Friends,

Lately, I have come across several statements about blending destroying or reducing the benefits of fiber.

I verified what science has to say about blending fiber. I was able to find several studies that conclude that “particle size of the fiber source did not affect performance.” 1 One of the most interesting research articles I found was from, “Gut,” an international peer-reviewed journal for health professionals and researchers in gastroenterology & hepatology. The researchers compared bran particles of 2 mm to less than .7 mm.

This study found that both fine and coarse fiber have only 2% difference in performance, favoring the smaller fiber. Moreover, the researchers stated “Fine bran causes less disturbance of gastric physiology than coarse bran2 and discussed how finely ground fiber increases nutrient absorption, and reduces bloating, heartburn, and constipation.

I love that these studies confirm the benefits of blended greens and fruits. That is why I encourage people to consume green smoothies.

Maybe one day, every family will know and enjoy green smoothies.

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2 Effect of bran particle size on gastric emptying and small bowel transit in humans: a scintigraphic study
R Vincent, A Roberts, M Frier, A C Perkins, I A MacDonald, R C Spiller. Gut 1995; 37: 216-219


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