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Fruit in Green Smoothies

2 Comments 30 March 2010

QUESTION: I make my green smoothies with a lot of sweet fruit and even dates, raisins, figs, prunes, etc. I’m worried that I consume too many sweets. Should I use less?

VICTORIA: You may put more sweet fruit and even dates in the smoothie for a beginner or for a child. Most people are not yet accustomed to the taste of chlorophyll and simply will not drink it if it will taste too “green” to them. I think it is very important to prepare smoothies that are so delicious that everyone will look forward to them. Based on my observation and feedback from other smoothie drinkers, most people naturally start to crave greener smoothies in several weeks. On the other hand, some people were trying to be too perfect too quick, and prepared “super-green” smoothies from the very beginning. Then they complained that the green smoothies tasted awful, quit, and never wanted to try them again. If you are sensitive to sugar, for such reasons asdiabetes, candida, hypoglycemia, and other reasons, then you may have to start with less-sweet smoothies by adding low glycemic fruit, such as berries and apples. As another option, you may prepare savory smoothies made from greens and non-starchy vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, bell peppers, and others.

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  1. Melb says:

    I think this a great article! I just started drinking green smoothies yesterday morning for breakfast and it tasted too much like celery! I put a whole stalk in there with some spinach. Like you said, trying to be perfect at the beginning!

    I will adjust the smoothies until my body gets use to it.


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