Green Smoothie Recipes with Kiwi Fruit

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photo by Luigi DiamantiKiwi fruits add an interesting flavor to green smoothies. If you own a high speed blender and your kiwi fruits are organic,  you can leave the skin on. An alternative is to peel them or cut them in half and scoop the flesh out.

Kiwi fruits are rich in many Vitamins, flavonoids and minerals. They contain a high amount of Vitamin C (more than oranges), as much potassium as bananas and a good amount of beta-carotene. Kiwi fruits are high in Vitamin K. They are a good source of Dietary Fiber, Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol) and Copper.

I recently found some information about the health benefits of kiwi fruits and how they may prevent asthma, wheezing and coughing, especially in children.
For more information on kiwi fruits you may like to go here

Yummo Green Smoothie
By  Patricia Braun (From the group ‘I’m a part of the Green Smoothie Revolution’)

Kiwi fruit

Green Buzz Smoothie

By Emily Brett

2 Kiwi Fruit
1 Banana
3 handfuls of spinach
1 cups of water

Rocket Fuel Smoothie
By Victoria Boutenko (From the book Green Smoothie Revolution)

2 cups of green or red grapes
3 golden Kiwis
1 ripe orange, peeled and seeded
1 small thumb-size piece of aloe vera
5 leaves ref leafe lettuce
2 cups of water

For the Brave
By Igor Boutenko (From the book Green Smoothie Revolution)

1 cup carrot tops
1 cup beet greens
1 cup bok Choy
hald cup horsetail
1 cup plums
1 banana
4 kiwis
2 cups water

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