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Green Smoothie Testimonial: Menstrual Cycle

2 Comments 20 April 2010

We received this testimonial through a friend on Facebook. I’m amazed at how quickly her body responded to green smoothies and am fascinated that large amounts of Vitamin K can stop heavy bleeding. It’s highly likely that there are many people who have bleeding problems caused by┬ávitamin K deficiency, an easily correctable condition, especially with green smoothies.

This link will show you food sources of vitamin K according to the USDA, not surprisingly on top of the list is greens. Keep in mind it does not list wild edibles, which are higher in vitamin K than store bought greens.

If you have a green smoothie testimonial you would like to share as a way to help others, please let me know

Dear Mrs. Boutenko,

Since you started me on my Green Smoothie journey with your book Green for Life – which I’ve loaned out often, I wanted to share with you an important healing event I experienced with drinking Green Smoothies.

About 6 months ago, at 45 years old, I began to notice a change in my monthly cycle. Being a mostly raw vegan, there was no pain, just an increase in flow every month. Sometimes a lot! After the 3rd month of this, no pms mind you, just a heavy annoying flow and I had been lax around that time with drinking my daily green smoothies. So I Googled remedies for this issue, and lo and behold, one suggestion is to eat greens! Why? Because they are loaded with Vit K which stops heavy bleeding.

I immediately made my usual green smoothie and within hours, the heavy flow stopped. Now, I’m no longer lax in my daily green smoothies and gone are my heavy periods! I’m thrilled!

So I wanted to share this important news to possibly help other women out there who might be experiencing the same issues and turn to drugs or other un-natural remedies to help this same issue.

Thanks so much for starting the green smoothie revolution and all the great information.


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  1. janie says:

    thank you! i am recovering from surgery and this is an issue for me….i am committed to drinking at least one green smoothie a day….will keep you posted on the outcome!!

  2. emilyb says:

    Yes – please do keep us posted. May you have a speedy recovery!

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