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Green Smoothie with Stinging Nettles

0 Comments 08 April 2013

Stinging nettles is more nutritious than most greens in the store. Compared to spinach, it has 29x the amount of calcium, 14x the amount of iron, 8x the amount of magnesium, and 4x the amount of potassium. See what you get from just one cup of stinging nettles 1:

Wild Stinging Nettles

Mineral Content
Serving Size: 1 cup (89g or 3.1 oz)
—————- ————– ———
Amount RDI%
Protein 2.4119g 5%
Calcium 428.09 mg 43%
Iron 1.4596 mg 8%
Magnesium 50.73 mg 13%
Phosphorus 63.19 mg  6%
Potassium 297.26 mg  6%
Zinc 0.3026 mg  2%
Copper 0.06764 mg  3%
Manganese 0.69331 mg  35%

Growing Stinging Nettles
On this photo you may see nettles growing in our yard. Prior to last summer we were unsuccessful, trying to grow nettles from seeds. Last summer Valya bought two small stinging nettle plants at the farmers market and planted them in our garden. Now they are producing abundantly.

Green Smoothie Ingredients of Nettles
Today my family is living on green smoothies made out of nettles, mangos and water. The recipe is depicted on the next photo.

Stinging Nettles Green Smoothies
Often people ask if nettle smoothie stings. No, it doesn’t. You may use gloves or a plastic bag to pick nettles. You can also use scissors to cut them right into the blender. As soon as you blend them they don’t sting any more.

Nettle smoothie is fragrant and refreshing. We hope you can find a patch of nettles too and join us for a cup of green goodness.

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