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Green Smoothies and Candida

1 Comment 06 January 2010

QUESTION: “Does the large amount of fruit found in green smoothies cause a problem for those fighting Candida?”

VICTORIA: In my experience I’ve noticed that those who are drinking green smoothies are having fewer complaints about Candida. I know several people who have been very sick with Candida. One of them is Elizabeth who I quote in my book ‘Green For Life.’ I have a whole testimony from her. She had a very bad case of Candida and she was completely healed from it. Another is my friend Irene from Denver who had a very terrible case of Candida and now she doesn’t have it. She said she can eat any fruits and it doesn’t bother her. What she cannot eat is any fats. She says as soon as she begins to eat any fats like olive oil, nuts or avocados, her Candida comes back.

I understand that Candida results from very low immunity, and what else can improve immunity more than good nutrition? I believe that most of us have nutritional deficiencies. It doesn’t matter where we live. This is the result of our process of civilization. In my book ’12 Steps to Raw Foods’ (and I want to emphasize that it is quite different from the previous book ‘Raw Family’, about 90% different) I describe my anthropological and historical research that humans have been eating lots of greens and predominately raw food all through history. They did occasionally eat meats, but they were eating raw foods predominately, they were not eating a lot, they ate no processed food and they constantly consumed greens.

Since the industrial revolution, we have been severely malnourished. I believe we are malnourished today because we continue to eat predominately processed foods. Very few people predominately eat raw food with an emphasis on greens. Greens are the prime food for all creatures and the source of nutrition. Nutrition comes from the microorganisms in the soil, of which we have less and less. That is why we have low immunity, Candida, and parasites. We cannot fight these things with chemicals because we will eventually die from chemicals, not from parasites. We can strengthen our immune systems. That’s why when people begin to drink green smoothies and eat raw food, they conquer their Candida or parasites or any other condition.

To learn more and r about Candida please watch this video from Dr Dough Graham

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  1. Anthony James says:

    Great info. I think Candida problems are grossly underestimated in this modern world of taking dangerous antibiotics. The medical profession still refuses to acknowledge candida as an actual disease (every doctor I’ve seen has dismissed it without even sending me off for tests).

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