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Green Smoothies Boost Energy

1 Comment 10 November 2009

Have you noticed that green smoothies make you feel more alive? In this post you can read about how it’s possible to have more energy and zest for life by simply drinking green smoothies daily.


IMG_2424At Christmas time I was given the book Green for Life by my mother. My mom came up to visit and she gave me your book and showed me how to make a green smoothie. I’ve had one almost every day since then (about a month). Within 2 weeks of starting them, I had an incredible energy boost. All my life I’ve been severely anemic and tremendously fatigued. This resulted in depression, emotional dependencies, and feelings of being afraid and overwhelmed by life. It felt like I was relating to people from a far distant place because I knew I didn’t feel like they did and I didn’t have a lot of energy to engage with them. I felt somehow outside of the human experience. Sometimes I wondered if I was going to make it.

Now, after drinking green smoothies, I have steady, reliable energy that carries me through the days with enthusiasm. I feel like I have a new chance at life – at age 44. I finally get to see what it is like to live with an adequate supply of energy. I can be neat and organized and do much more than I could before. I drink less coffee and need less sleep. I wake up feeling alert in the mornings.

~K.B. (Seattle)

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1 comment

  1. Antony Nowak says:

    I could say excactly the same for me.
    I was fatigued, tired, unusable for years.
    After switching to 95% raw food I saw heavens door opened.
    Now after making my green smoothies every single day doors to heaven remain opened. So much energy and the same at 5 pm as at 7 am.

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