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Helping Our Children to Eat Healthy

0 Comments 26 November 2013

Last week I have received an exciting email from my friend, Tatiana, whose two children have been drinking smoothies since they were in their mother’s womb. Her son and daughter are now 6 and 8. The reason for my excitement came from their regular doctor’s checkup. The doctors were amazed at the health of these two children, particularly at their healthy teeth and bones. Coincidentally, I have just finished reading several research articles that confirm that consuming greens since infancy (first in the form of breast milk) ensures healthy bones. I am including this info in my new book I am finishing to write now. I am glad that my two grandchildren have been consuming green smoothies since birth also.

Helping Our Children to Eat Healthy With Childrens Book

In the time when holidays are approaching and there will be a lot of partying and celebrating at the table, I encourage you to do whatever possible to inspire your children to eat healthy. Take them to the farmers’ markets and to health food stores, make juice together from carrots, or pomegranates, or anything else. Include your children in the process of blending smoothies.

We invite you to purchase our children’s books, read them to your children and discuss afterwards. After all, it is today’s children who will take the place of Obama, Cameron, and Putin in 20-30 years. What they will feed the nations depends on our kids’ education today.

To support you in your gift-giving decisions, we offer 50% discount off all our children’s books, including those, which are already discounted.
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New Interviews with Victoria

Recently I gave one video and one audio interviews to different media outlets. You may watch and listen to them through the following links.

Optimizing Children’s Nutrition with Green Smoothies
Video, 35 minutes

Green Smoothie Magic
Audio, 25 minutes

Valya and Victoria Participate in The Raw Living Expo in 2014

RawFamily at Raw Living Expo

Dear Friends,

We invite you to join us early next year at the big event, taking place near Thousand Oaks, California. In our presentations at this expo, we will be sharing with you our newest research and our delicious new recipes.

For more information please

For more information please click here.


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