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Instead of Gold or Silver I bought Food

0 Comments 17 February 2014

Dear Friends,

Many people are asking me these days if I am buying gold or silver? If I had some extra money I probably would buy some precious metals, but I don’t have any savings except for my books. I will tell you how I prepared for any possible weather disaster or economic problems.

In 1986-1997 my family survived the collapse of the Soviet economy. I recall how my mother told me to stock up on food, which I never did. I replied to her that the Soviet economy was strong and didn’t have any crisis for 70 years. One time when my mother visited us, she bought a large box of yellow split peas and hid it in my apartment.

Then in January 1987 food began to disappear. First, it became very expensive and there were long lines at each store, and then the food vanished completely.

Food Lines

All the stores were closed and they each had a note on the door that read: “Closed indefinitely.” I recall how scared people were. I had to feed my three children. My oldest son Stephan, was thirteen. Sergei was two, and Valya was one. The morning came when we had no food. Igor ran around our entire town and didn’t find any stores that were open.

At that time my mother called and told me about the split peas. For one whole month my family of five survived on those split peas, which I boiled until they became soft and fed my family. We ate them without any salt or oil, as we didn’t have any. Though we quickly grew tired of the same food that we consumed day after day, it saved us during that long month of scarcity. Shortly thereafter, some stores were re-opened and we were able to buy food again.

Based on these memories, I try to keep a small stock of food on hand in case anything were to happen that would prevent me from being able to purchase food from the grocery store. Here is an example of what I currently store.

Canned Raw Food

Text Box: Lentils brown, organic, GMO free, 25 pounds - $54; Oats, rolled, organic, 25 pounds -                  $22.50; Raisins, red flame, organic, 30 pounds -       $62.50; Buckwheat groats, organic, raw, 5 pounds -  $15.25; Alfalfa sprouting seeds, organic, - 8 ounces - $4.00 Total spent:                                                   $158.25

Both lentils and buckwheat can be consumed in two forms – as sprouts and as a cooked dish. We packaged all of these foods into half-gallon glass jars, and I expect them to last at least two years in our well-isolated storage.

By sharing this story I am not intending to alert or scare anybody but simply answer a popular question and share my approach to it.


Wild Edible Cards

Knowing your wild edibles is another great way to be prepared for tough times. Nature is full of food that’s easily accessible if you know where to look. This is an incredible gift that nature provides for us.

My son Sergei constantly promotes how to eat wild edibles in his books, videos, and on his website. Recently he released a deck of wild edibles playing cards. These cards are a great way to learn how to identify wild edibles without feeling overwhelmed or bored.


Wild Edible Poker Cards Wild Edible Plant Flash Cards

We now offer Sergei’s Wild Edible Cards at our Raw Family online store for $9.95 plus shipping.

To order, click here.


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