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Green Smoothie Testimonial: Menopause Symptoms Stopped

2 Comments 03 May 2010

Today’s post is a testimonial from a woman in Romania who was excited to experience and share the benefits of green smoothies.  You may find it interesting to learn that green smoothies helped her to stop diagnosed signs of menopause. She sent us this testimonial after reading a post on the 20th of April from a friend who reduced a heavy menstrual cycle by drinking a daily green smoothie.

I am 40 years old and I began to drink green smoothies about 2 months ago because I  had various health problems. My main concern was that I had no monthly cycle and  I received a blood analysis which showed that was at menopause. After my endocrinology results I went through some tests to see what the cause for my early menopause was, for example I checked my thyroid and the hypothalamus. The results showed that
my menopause came from natural causes.

I begun to drink a green smoothie each day and in the same month I had my cycle. All my life I have experienced heavy bleeding  (my period last 7 days) and irregular periods. After I began to drink the greens my bleeding was very little, it lasted 3 days and  it began to be regular.

Others good things I observed are:
– My hair is no longer greasy
– I didn’t have a lack of calcium crisis in spite of the fact I don’t take anymore calcium supplements. Because of the lack of calcium, I use to have fear sensations and now I begin to be optimistic
– I lost weight
– I began to feel less tired

In the beginning my husband didn’t want to drink the green smoothies because of the color, but he noticed how our children reacted after drinking the green smoothie. They were full of energy even in the evenings. Little by little he begun to drink the smoothie and he resolved his constipation. Now he is asking every morning about his greens.

I thank God I discovered you on the internet and I solved my problem in a natural way. I wish you all the best you are wonderful women trying to help many people.

(From Romania)

Dear Readers -Please note that this is just a personal account of one woman’s story, it is not being shared to make any solid medical claims or diagnose anyone else’s experience.

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  1. Mihaela says:

    Thank you for the info Livia! I just started the green smoothies lately and I’m very happy to see how many people are enjoing them. Many blessings to you!…

  2. Edith says:

    I had the same symptoms at this lady and since I’m drinking green smoothies every day in the morning (almost two years ago), I started having my period less often and only for a few days, generally 2. I have more energy and I lost a little weight.
    My sons too love green smoothies and they are in better health and full of energy.
    Hope to have more money to be able to go only on a raw food diet soon for all the family.

    Thank you so much to Raw family and Victoria.

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