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Our Mission in Life

3 Comments 23 February 2010

We are all spiritual beings. How do I know this? I feel it every time I look
in another human being’s eyes. Sometimes I sense such intense energy coming from people’s eyes that I have to turn away. This never happens when I am looking into the eyes of my grandson’s teddy bear. I can even feel other people’s glances with my back. Often I wonder why I am so certain that someone is looking directly at me, even if they are standing on the other side of a soccer field or farther. There is no way to possibly see the other person’s pupils from such a distance. They are even smaller than letters in a book. Trying to read a book from the other side of a soccer field would be insane. However, we can always tell when someone is looking directly at us.

Not only do we feel this unexplained and unmeasured energy from humans, but we can also feel these same deep vibrations from different animals and plants. Have you seen, for example, how a blade of grass makes its way through a thick layer of asphalt? It’s difficult to believe that such a tender plant could break concrete. I cannot find any other explanation for this phenomenon other than the invisible, yet powerful energy that comes from the sprout, in an effort to survive in spite of any obstruction.

All living things are connected and communicate using different energies
and vibrations. Think about Canadian geese, which are able to fly long distances and find lakes without ever being mistaken. I am fascinated with their powerful ability to navigate without compasses or other tools, using their incredible instincts. Another example comes from my encounters with dogs. Instinctively they always know if I am afraid of them or not, and they are also able to transmit their present mood clearly to me, so that I recognize that they are totally aware of my emotions. Several times I have had powerful experiences with cats. I consider them small and fairly safe animals to approach, but once in a while, before I even decide to reach out with my hand and pet a cat, it sends a ray of energy that warns me to back off—without even curling its back or hissing. I brought up these examples to illustrate that every one of us deals with energies that are not visible, but very powerful, all the time.

Why are we given these vast energies? I believe these powers are given to us for a great purpose or mission.

I believe all human beings have their own missions in life. I also believe that to fulfill that mission is the most important purpose for every human being, because only then can one contribute the most to the rest of humanity. People who are able to do so mark history as the most gifted leaders, geniuses, writers, artists and philosophers.

How do we determine what our mission is? I think we can guess by observing our personal gifts and talents. Every single person in the world has some particular talent. I have been working as an employer or director of various companies for more than 20 years and I have noticed that all my employees have one gift or another. I’ve worked with dozens of people and have never met even one without talents. Usually when I get to know people more closely, I find that they have even more gifts than I thought. We definitely have different gifts and different missions for life.

My passion is participating in sincere conversations with other people. When I listen to another human being I forget about time, food, sleep…  I have been praised for my patience with people, which I don’t even notice. Luckily, I have found a way to make a living that utilize my passions. It took me many years to realize that doing what I love is more important  than the amount of money I could make. My family and I had to learn to live on less money, but the joy we get from doing what we love means far more to us than more money.

Often I read different reports in newspapers about how many people don’t like their jobs. They are suffering, counting the hours and minutes until lunch, a break or the end of the working day. They are spending their lives waiting, waiting for the end. Why can’t we do what we love? Why can’t we live more enjoyable lives? I find there are two main answers to these questions:
1. People don’t know what they love to do
2. People consider their life passions to be unimportant.

In this case, people often do something else they don’t like, hoping to get back to their passion upon retiring. Or they do what they love, but they apply their talents to destructive processes instead of creative ones. For example, I have a friend who is a very good salesman. He claims he could sell ice to an Eskimo. Obviously he is very talented, if he can inspire people to buy things they don’t need. I think that his real talent is to inspire people. I told him that he would make a great teacher or motivational leader, that he could inspire people to do beautiful, creative deeds. Another friend of mine is a gifted artist. Her paintings are unique and beautiful and they touch the heart. However, she has not created a new painting for many years, because she can make much more money designing for commercial promotional advertising.

When I observe many people participating in destructive businesses and
activities, manufacturing environmentally harmful products, pouring chemicals
into fields, distributing cotton candy in amusement parks, shooting B movies,
and many more, it becomes clear to me that all these people don’t understand the huge importance of following their mission. If a single blade of grass has the power to grow through thick asphalt, one can only imagine the potential power of human energy applied with passion.

How many people can you name that have made a significant positive difference for the whole world? For example: Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Byron Katy, J. Krishnamurti, Leo Tolstoy, Mother Theresa, Eckhart Tolley, Paul McCartney, etc. All these people passionately followed their life’s missions. I believe that anybody could start following their life’s mission at any time and make a difference in the whole world.

Because we are spiritual beings, our spiritual mission is more important for our spirits than obtaining money for other than spiritual needs. When we do not follow our true goals, we develop spiritual pain, which we feel as boredom and emptiness. Since as early as childhood, many of us begin to feel bored once in a while. It often happens when we are forced to do things that we don’t like, or when we are unable to do what we are passionate about. There is a vast difference between pleasurable activities such as watching television and visiting amusement parks, and things that help us evolve spiritually such as creatively working on projects that one has talents for. After watching movies we often feel drained and even more bored, while after working creatively, we feel empowered, inspired and fulfilled. With years of staying disconnected from our life’s mission, our spiritual pain accumulates. Sometimes we have attacks of feeling lost, lonely, bored with life, or losing sense in life. Often this pain is blamed on life problems such as loneliness, troublesome relationships, debt, disease, etc. Spiritual pain can be worse than physical pain and can become unbearable. Most suicides happen because of spiritual pain, not physical pain. 28 million people in America are taking antidepressants to be able to live through the day (Trebichavska). At this point, no amount of money would help. Yet it is everyone’s birthright to be happy.

I invite you to observe the feelings you encounter while performing various tasks, and let your passions guide your life.

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  1. Empress Blk Kat says:

    Wow powerful article. Thank you Queen B!

  2. Jenny says:

    This is exactly what I needed to hear at this time in my life. I am 36 and I am bored with life and feel I have no real purpose. I want a calling. Something that I am meant to do to contribute to the world. Any additional tips on discovering what it is that we are each meant for? I am struggling to discover this for myself. Love you lots Victoria. Love, Jenny

  3. pedro szostak kondraczuk says:

    Hi Victoria: I´m a 62 years old man and I like your good article about our mission in life.I was born here in the PARAGUAY,a small city in the center of South América.My parents was Ukranian inmigrants and they colonize this region in 1938.I like to read and study about our life in this world, and like you, I admire people like Krisnamurti, Gandhi, Blavatsky, Ekchart,Buda, Platon,and others that contributes to develop the human spiritual face.When we open our mind to the serenity meditation about our espiritual condition, we discover the more beautiful sense of the life in this world…LOVE YOU and very thankful to your interesting articles.(I don´t use English here,excuse me of my mistakes).Best wishes !

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