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Do You Eat Enough Greens?

0 Comments 20 August 2014

Do You Eat Enough GreensDear Friends,

Do you eat enough greens? If you don’t know, I have more questions for you. Do you have hiccups regularly? Do you sigh a lot? Do you have painful knots in your back? Is your vision blurry? Do you experience eye-twitching or leg cramps? Do you have lots of wrinkles? Do you crave chocolate all the time? Do you have migraines? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you’re probably not eating enough greens.

Dark leafy greens contain an astonishing abundance of nutrients that are vital to good health. However, since the beginning of the industrial revolution two hundred years ago, the diet of people in the Western world has undergone a dramatic change: they almost completely stopped consuming fresh greens, along with the proper amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, and added lots of refined and canned products. Processed foods not only lack important nutrients, but also contain preservatives and many other chemicals harmful to health.

As we continue to consume a lot of processed foods, the condition of our health keeps worsening. Astonishingly, 133 million Americans—almost 1 out of every 2 adults—have at least one chronic illness. Seventy percent of Americans take prescription drugs and more than 35 percent of the American people are obese. Based on available statistics, the number of totally healthy people in America seems to be rather small—despite the fact that the United States spends over $3 trillion a year on health care.

How can we return our health to its natural state? Could adding leafy green vegetables aid?

Exactly ten years ago, in August 2004, I created the very first green smoothie. This amazing green mix allowed first my family and then many more people to consume a substantial amount of greens in the most palatable way. Thousands of people witnessed a wonderful healing effect from it right away.

Since then I dedicated my life to research and gathering information on the benefits of greens. Based on the newest research, I have written two new books that are soon to be released:

1 – The Green Smoothie Prescription: A Complete Guide to Total Health (Hardcover) Release date: October 7, 2014

2 – Green Smoothie Retreat: A 7-Day Plan to Detox and Revitalize at Home (Paperback) – Release date: November 4, 2014

Today I would like to describe The Green Smoothie Prescription.

Green Smoothie Prescription

For this book, I looked through the particular remedial properties of different fruits, vegetables and greens and created a compilation of 150 recipes that may help with different conditions. The medicinal properties of plants are very mild and don’t create any side effects. Of course, drinking green smoothies cannot substitute for your doctor’s visits, but these blends might become a great aid in your healing process. These recipes are made of the ingredients that are sold in supermarkets, health stores, and farmers markets and therefore will be easy to find. Some of the recipes include wild edible plants, which you could learn to pick in the wilderness.

The fact that these recipes have a specific condition tied with their names doesn’t mean that you have to only consume the ones that strictly relate to you. Anyone can consume any of these mixes and benefit greatly from them. For example, cherries contain high levels of melatonin, which helps regulate sleep-and-wake cycles. Everybody would benefit from consuming cherries, particularly a person with sleep a disorder. Another example is young coconut. A recent study has demonstrated that a diet rich in coconut oil protects against ‘insulin resistance’ in muscle and fat, therefore helping to reverse type 2 diabetes. I have added coconut to the smoothies for diabetes, but of course, anyone would become healthier by drinking such a smoothie.

You may find more details and pre-order this book at the following sites:


Barnes & Noble



As an example, here are two recipes from this book.


Thyroid Supporter

2 cups Swiss chard, stems removed
1⁄2 cup kelp (dried seaweed)
2 cups pineapple chunks
1 large star fruit
1 mango, pit and skin removed
3 cups water


Preventing Varicose Veins

3 cups spinach
3 cups fresh or frozen cherries, pits removed
1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries
3 cups water

© Copyright by Victoria Boutenko, 2014

2 “Study Shows 70 percent of Americans Take Prescription Drugs,” CBS News, June 20, 2013.

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Are Green Smoothies Good for Athletes?

0 Comments 27 May 2014

Dandelions Ediblke Greens

Dear Friends,

For several months we have been reporting to you about the pilot study Sergei has been conducting. Now he is done and his documentary is available for digital rent, for instant download or for sale as a hard copy. The hard copy DVD contains closed captions in two languages: English and Russian.

Enjoy the first 15 minutes of “Powered by Green Smoothies” at no charge:

A Note from Sergei:

In the summer of 2013 I rounded up 10 endurance athletes (five ultra-runners and five CrossFitters), put them on a green smoothie challenge for six weeks, and documented everything with my camera. So as to ensure that my experiment was scientific, I put my people through a series of blood tests, demanding endurance tests, and consulted with numerous medical professionals throughout the experiment. The results of this project were fascinating! Even though all of my athletes were healthy and fit to begin with, they managed to further improve their health and endurance simply by drinking whole-food based green smoothies.

Perhaps the most distinguished change we (my team and I) discovered in the before and after blood work of my athletes was a significant reduction in C-reactive protein (CRP). CRP is a test that measures protein particles in the blood. These protein particles are directly linked to levels of inflammation. The higher the CRP the more inflammation is present in that body All but one of my athletes managed to reduce their C-reactive protein significantly by drinking green smoothies. Less inflammation translated to athletes feeling lighter on their feet, healing their pre-existing, workout-related injuries, and improving their post-exercise recovery times.

After a year of working on this project, I can confidently conclude that green smoothies support the health and performance of athletes in a way that it is scientifically measurable and physically noticeable. The testimonies of the athletes who took part in this experiment are so surprising and inspiring they will make everyone who watches this film strap on their running shoes and reach for their green smoothie.

If you’d like to see the film in its entirety you have several options. The hard copy of DVD can be purchased on our website ( for $19.95.

You can watch the film for $7.95 or download it directly onto your computer for $14.95 at:

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Healing Power of Wild Edibles

0 Comments 12 May 2014

Healing Power of Wild Edibles

Dandelions Ediblke Greens One of the common questions I am asked almost daily is: “You have dandelions in your recipe but where can I buy them? None of our local stores carry them.”During the past two years, I have been working on two new books, for which I have done a lot of research. I have come to the firm conclusion that many of wild edibles don’t have equally beneficial analogues among cultivated plants. For example, the nutritional value of purslane, borage, dandelion, and stinging nettles, greatly exceeds the nutritional worth of commercial greens. I don’t want to discourage you from making smoothies from your store-bought greens. Rather, I invite you to learn identifying the edible weeds and really use them.

Here are three recipes from my up-coming book. Wild greens are so rich in certain nutrients that they can literally heal your body. (Please ask for my written permission before sharing these recipes)

Brain Clarity
4 cups purslane
2 peeled kiwis
2 cups blackberries
3 cups water Copyright © 2014 by Victoria Boutenko

Hypertension Remedy
2 cups borage (greens and flowers)
3 stalks celery
5 guavas, any kind (with skin)
1 cup strawberries
1 lemon, juiced
3 cups water Copyright © 2014 by Victoria Boutenko

Prevent Diabetes
2 cups dandelion greens
1 cup red lettuce
1 cup cranberries, fresh or frozen
2 apples
1 cup meat from young (Thai) coconut
3 cups water Copyright © 2014 by Victoria Boutenko

Sergei to Create A Practical Guide To Foraging

Sergei decided to shoot an instructional video. We’ve seen many of Sergei’s clips on YouTube, and now he is going to create a simple video guide, so that we all can safely forage and benefit from it. Below is a link to his Kickstarter project. If you’d like to participate and be one of the first to receive Sergei’s up-coming video, click here.

Join Us in Sweden for a Week of Green Smoothies

We still have a few spaces left at our Green Smoothie Retreat in Sweden, This is our only retreat this year. We invite you to spend a week with us at a spectacular healing retreat. Here us a 30 second video about it:

Green Smoothie Retreat In Sweden

You may find more information here.

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Wild Edibles In Your Smoothie

0 Comments 02 May 2014

In this Issue..

Wild Edibles In Your Smoothie
Sergei’s Favorite Springtime Green Smoothie
Mood Enhancer
Half Price Special Offer

Wild Edibles In Your Smoothie

Miners Lettuce Dear Friends,
The time for wild edibles is here again! These nutritious plants are wildly delicious. Here is what scientists say about miner’s lettuce:Composition of miner’s lettuce (Montia perfoliata).

“Miner’s lettuce, a wild, edible plant that grows prolifically in the western U.S., was analyzed for proximate composition, vitamins, minerals, and oxalic and phytic acids. In the raw state, it contained 20 kcal per 100 gm, and 33 per cent of the adult U.S. RDA for ascorbic acid, 22 per cent of the vitamin A allowance, and 10 per cent of the iron. Oxalic acid concentration was low. Nutrient density ratios, compared with 100 kcal of the U.S. RDAs, were greater than one for all constituents analyzed. In terms of nutrient content, miner’s lettuce also compared favorably with twenty-one other green, leafy vegetables.”

(Source: Schelstraete M, Kennedy BM. “Composition of miner’s lettuce (Montia perfoliata).” Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 1980.)

Sergei’s Favorite Springtime Green Smoothie

In his new short video, Sergei demonstrates how easy it is to benefit from wild edibles in your backyard.

Mood Enhancer

Green Smoothies for Mood Enhancement All ingredients in this recipe are known to lift up your mood.

1 cup dandelion greens
2 cups miner’s lettuce
1 sprig mint or lemon balm
2 cups strawberries
1 ripe banana
3 cups water
Blend well and enjoy!

Half Price Special Offer for DVD about Wild Edibles

Miracle of Greens DVD The Miracle of Greens: how greens and wild edibles can save your life
In “The Miracle of Greens”, Sergei outlines why it is important to incorporate more green leafy veggies into your diet. During part 2 of this DVD, Sergei introduces the importance of eating more wild edible foods. He takes the viewer on a virtual wild edible walk in which he demonstrates how easy it is to stay safe while harvesting nature’s free superfood.

To watch the preview, click here
Length 70 minutes
Regular price…. $19.95

This week: $9.95 To order click here.


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Chlorophyll is Essential for Human Health

0 Comments 09 April 2014

Fragment from Victoria’s up-coming new book. Copyright ©2014 by V. Boutenko Please do not copy without written permission from Victoria!

Chlorophyll is neccessary for healthy bodies

Look at these two molecules and compare them:

The molecule on the left is a chemical formula of heme, oxygen carrying portion of Hemoglobin, which is an important part of human blood. The molecule on the right belongs to chlorophyll. These two molecules are very close in their structure, and the main difference is that that heme contains iron in the middle, and chlorophyll has magnesium. Obviously, green plants are vitally important for the human nutrition.

According to the USDA, 80% of Americans are magnesium deficient, and magnesium deficiency is a major contributor to our epidemic of chronic and degenerative diseases, including heart disease, osteoporosis, depression, and various autoimmune disorders. Here are some other diseases and symptoms associated with magnesium deficiency:

back Pain
chronic Fatigue Syndrome
stress and depressionGreen Smoothie Curesinsomnia
headaches and migraines
ischemic heart disease (angina)
hangover and alcoholism
muscle cramps and spasms
cardiac arrhythmia
kidney stones and gall bladder
dental caries
painful menstruation and premenstrual syndrome
processes, accelerating aging (calcification)
Eye twitching

Indeed, magnesium is essential for humans. “The ratio of calcium to magnesium in the diets of the Paleolithic man was 1.3 to 1, but the diet that is commonly used now has shifted that ratio to 5 to 1. The worst foods that can hurt calcium-magnesium ratio are dairy products. The calcium-to-magnesium ratios found respectively in milk, yogurt and hard cheeses are 7:1, 11:1, and 26:1.”1 Even people who don’t eat dairy often still consume too much calcium with other foods or supplements. According to Ukrainian chemist Nikolay Druziak, excess calcium makes human bones brittle similar to glass, and only proper ratio of calcium to magnesium creates really strong bones.

Since each molecule of chlorophyll contains an atom of magnesium, consuming more greens is a great way to get your magnesium. Here are the greens that have the highest magnesium content.

•    Swiss chard (one bunch or 340 g) contains 276 mg magnesium

•    Spinach (one bunch or 340 g) contains 270 mg magnesium2

•    Stinging nettles (one bunch or 340 g) contains 195 mg magnesium3

Enjoy your green smoothies!

Copyright ©2014 by V. Boutenko

Please do not copy without written permission from Victoria!

Raw Family’s Best-Selling Book Package

Raw Family Best Selling Book Package

The Raw Family’s Best-Selling Book Package includes six most popular books by the Boutenkos, all for less then $69 after Internet discount.

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Victoria Boutenko


1. “Magnesium Deficiency: A Growing Health Crisis,” Charles Poliquin, 2009.



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