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0 Comments 20 March 2013

Green Smoothies Kickstarter
Dear Friends,

I am now working on a full-length documentary about how hardcore, endurance athletes perform when given regular doses of fresh, organic green smoothie.


Greens are incredible, they’re healthy and they’re edible! Since my mother (Victoria Boutenko) popularized green smoothies in 2004 with her book “Green For Life” I have encountered a plethora of people who transformed their bodies and their health by regularly consuming homemade green drinks. After what I’ve seen over the last decade, I am beyond convinced that green smoothies benefit everyone who chooses to consume them regularly. Now I want to find out what effect these same blended concoctions will have on seemly healthy, endurance athletes. I plan to put a half dozen extremely athletic people on a two-month green smoothie challenge and film the entire shebang.

Green Smoothies Kickstarter documentary


From my interactions with hardcore athletes in my community I’ve observed that while many of them have specific beliefs about exercise, few seem to consider the importance of a good diet. Practically none of the sportspersons I know eat in a manner that I consider to be healthy. Many of them drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. When I first announced at the local running store that I wanted to film a documentary about green smoothies and ultra runners, people chuckled and were skeptical that my experiment would produce a positive shift in the health, performance, and endurance of runners. I predict that the benefits my participants are going to gain will be off the charts.


Several months back my feet hit the pavement and I began gathering people for my film. I now have several ultra runners, cyclists, and cross-fitters that are ready and willing to drink at least one quart of fresh green smoothie every single day religiously for two months. I’ve invited a licensed medical doctor to help me oversee and monitor this experiment. I’ve also negotiated with two local farms to supply me with a steady stream of their freshest, organic fruits and greens. To raise the funds for this film I have initiated a Kickstarter project.

There are great rewards for supporting this project, find out more about this film here

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