The Best Birthday Present

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What is the all time best birthday present? Is it a cake with candles? A bottle of wine? A box of chocolates? Some fancy clothes? Jewelry? A gift certificate to a favorite store?

All of these presents sound nice but will any of them become the best in the world and most unforgettable birthday present ever?

In my family we believe that the best birthday presents are the ones we give ourselves. I think it’s pretty hard to guarantee that you will be happy on your birthday no matter how much money and effort other people spend. On the other hand, imagine that you hike to the top of some mountain on your birthday, or, for instance, fast on juices for a day or two. You can learn a poem, or maybe do another activity that will give you a sense of achievement. Such an endeavor will guarantee that you feel awesome on your birthday.

To celebrate his birthday last November, Sergei ran a marathon. For my birthday last summer I swam across a lake, which took me almost an hour. I felt fantastic and that was my most meaningful birthday gift. Last week Valya had her birthday. She spent a week on green smoothies prior that day. On her birthday she planted a beautiful rose bush in our front yard. These gifts made Valya very happy.

Of course, we don’t have to wait for our birthdays to give ourselves these precious self-presents.

Powered by Green Smoothies

Green Smoothie Retreat in Sweden June 2014
Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce that Sergei has just finished his new documentary “Powered by Green Smoothies.” He sent this film off to get it put onto DVD’s. We expect to receive DVDs some time in late April.

Meanwhile our friends Michael Bidar and Mike Adams at Natural News are doing a pre-screening of this film. You may watch a free trailer here

For a limited time you can watch Sergei’s movie online at 60% discount for $7.95 (streaming video).

Powered By Green Smoothies is 60 minutes long.

For more information please click here.

Victoria Boutenko


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