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Valya’s New App “Quality Produce”

0 Comments 10 April 2013

Quality Produce App
Dear Friends,

If you are tired of stringy avocados, sour grapefruits, and flavorless peaches, then you will love the Quality Produce App. This tool will help you choose the ripest, sweetest, and freshest produce every time without fail!

Having this app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch will inspire you to sink your teeth into some of the world’s most delicious edible treasures. We have worked hard to compile this ultra user-friendly app, filling it with clear images and hundreds of useful tips that will take the guessing out of shopping. Use the Quality Produce app right in the store to become an expert in no time. With the audio function, just plug in your headphones and listen while you peruse the produce section.

Android phones do not provide sufficient memory, so we won’t be able to create this app for them. Maybe someone in your family owns an iPhone or iPad that you can use if you do not have one yourself.

Valya based her recommendations on 19 years of personal experience shopping and preparing food from quality produce. She provided lots of useful tips in this app.

You may learn more about this app here:

We appreciate your sincere comments and ratings so please feel free to leave a comment about this app on iTunes when you purchase it. Thank you!


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