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Victoria’s New Lecture on Video

0 Comments 15 January 2013

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to offer you a video download of my recent lecture “Green Smoothies for Nourishment and Detoxification,” I presented in December 2012 in Michigan.

Brief overview of the content

Download Victorias New Lecture on Video

  • Nutritional superiority of greens;
  • The biggest shift in human diet in history;
  • Deficiency and toxicity – major cause of disease;
  • Raw Family story in pictures;
  • The birth of the first green smoothie;
  • Important tips for preparing the best green smoothies;
  • How to plant a seed of health in our children.

I hope this film will answer many of your questions.

Price: $9.95

Length: 1hour 25minutes
This film does not contain subtitles.
This video is available for download only.

To purchase click here.

Love, Victoria

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