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Deficiencies Cause Arthritis & Disease

3 Comments 28 January 2010

If you are interested in deficiencies and in particular Vitamin K deficiencies, you may like to read this response from Victoria Boutenko in one of her teleconferences. Please not that this has been transcribed from Victoria’s discussion, she did not personally write this post.

QUESTION: I am beginning to develop arthritis. What is the daily menu that would help me?

VICTORIA: The only reason for developing diseases is deficiency and toxicity. By adding green smoothies, going on a raw food diet, or improving your diet will bring you to health. We have accumulated deficiencies for seven generations. We undo deficiencies, not only from your life, but from your mothers and fathers, your grandparents and great-grandparents.

I remember the deficiencies my mother had. When I was about ten years old, my mother developed a condition and the doctors didn’t know what it was. Her old wounds opened. Even the one she got when she was four years old when she was bitten by a dog. It healed long ago and didn’t have a scar, but when this condition developed, this wound opened up on her cheek, it was bleeding and painful for her. The doctors were looking for the bug in her body and kept giving her antibiotic prescriptions and poultices. She was in tremendous pain and suffering. She switched doctors in June and started eating some green onions, dill and cilantro from the market. I think the greens are what healed her. At the time she was very happy about this doctor and gave him a big bouquet of roses and a bottle of cognac in addition to her thanks. Now I know that was a symptom of Vitamin K deficiency.

I have researched Vitamin K and found that 90% of people are deficient. Vitamin K is important for blood formation and cartilage (for example, face-formation). Our faces can become deformed due to lack of Vitamin K. I’ve looked at the paintings from the 16th to 18th Centuries and noticed that our faces have begun to change. We now have lots of deformities. For example, our noses could be bigger and our jaws could be different from what they are now because we don’t have enough Vitamin K. It is abundant in all greens. According to my research, there is two thousand times more Vitamin K in the leaves of beets than in the beet roots themselves. The roots of  beets are considered to be high in Vitamin K, yet the leaves are even more potent.

For arthritis, you have to have full nutrition. Greens have everything the human body needs. The ratio of nutrition we can find in greens is almost exactly what the USDA says for the human body to be healthy. Consume more greens in a way that your body can assimilate them and I think your arthritis will go away.

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  1. LindaDuncan says:

    Victoria, I LOVE your glass! I always enjoy juices and smoothies more in a beautiful glass; although I would love them anyway from a glass jar.

  2. ettenouma says:

    “According to my research, there is two thousand times more Vitamin K in the leaves of B’s than in the B’s themselves, and B foods are considered to be high in Vitamin K themselves. The leaves of B’s are even more potent.”

    I am french so sorry and don’t understand “B” for what which word it is ?
    in the leaves of “what” ? than the “B”? themselves
    It so interesting I have to ask you.

    I am glad to read this and I thank you very much.
    I know I have (had) osteporosis I am 57 years old.
    My mother too, she is 88 years old and a cousins 88 years old has artritis and arthrosis. Both at the moment are getting worse and worse.
    They think to eat fine both of them.
    I am glad to eat raw since the cotober 9 – 2009
    I work on me hopping they can see a difference soon.

    thanks a lot for what you !!!!!!!!!

    Elizabeth de Toulouse France

  3. HI Victoria

    I love your website, and find your information fascinating. I have been studying nutrition since I was 14 (I’m 57 now)

    For my birthday last April, I finally bought myself a VitaMix, because I saw your raw family website that someone sent me… I don’t remember whom!? I wanted to start having green smoothies… I have been having smoothies since i980, and look much younger than my friends and siblings… people often think I am my 4 kids’ sister (ages 23 to 33).

    I just LOVE the smoothies… I use raw ginger in them every day. One thing about using cilantro in green smoothies, though… my friend Dr Oksana Sawiak (an Oral Surgeon, retired) here in Mississauga Ontario (outside of Toronto) says they need a raw egg yolk included. She says that is makes a very powerful combo for detox.

    Love you and your family! Keep up the good work, as my 93 year old mother always says.


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