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Washing Fruits, Vegetables & Greens

2 Comments 17 December 2009

‘How do you wash your fruits and vegetables to make sure that there are no harmful parasites or bacteria on them? Do you use hydrogen peroxide or apple cider vinegar?’”

vitoria 115I don’t usually wash my produce at all. Sometimes I use a little water. I have a garden in the back of my yard and I buy only organic food. Buying organic food is important and I buy my produce from a farmer’s market five months of the year, where I know the growers personally. I don’t even rinse them in tap water first because I understand that chlorine often destroys bacteria and other things that are good for us. For example, I believe that little bits of soil contain microorganisms and that these contribute to our B12 levels. I did research and found that some who follow a raw food diet are B12 deficient and some aren’t. By questioning those people, I found that those who thoroughly wash their produce usually have a B12 deficiency. They are not getting the microorganisms that stay on those greens. My answer is that I’m not afraid of parasites as much as I am afraid of chemicals. Parasites and humans have lived together for thousands of years, but chemicals are killing us now. I want less chemicals and a strong immune system. I rarely get sick anymore now.

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  1. Isle Dance says:

    I love that you are sharing this. And I am so ((relieved)) to know I’m not the only one doing this. Knowing the handlers makes all the difference.


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