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News Articles:

‘Green on the go Snack Provides Healthy Boost': The Temple News

‘Lettuce Drink to Health': The Sunday Morning Herald

‘A Dose of Daily Green': Your Voices

‘Better Body: The Raw Food Diet': 13 CW31

Green Smoothies – The Health Miracle: Bright Hub

‘Sue Van Fleet: Put a Little Green in your Smoothie’: Patriot Ledger

‘Why cook food when it is better for you raw?': The Japan Times

Magazine on Green Smoothies and Victoria from Germany: Mehr Wissen besser Leben


Victoria Boutenko and Green Smoothies: Reasonably, Rationally and Realistically Raw

Victoria Boutenko and Green for Life Rhios Raw Food Info

Green Smoothie Recipe –  A Power House of Energy: Healthy Diet: Healthy Living

Book Review Green Smoothie Revolution by Victoria Boutneko: Basil and Spice Nutrition

The Green Smoothie: Raw Food Diet Inspiration

B.alive Meets Holywood: Viktoria Boutenko new DVD (Germany): b.alive

Green Smoothie Retreat with Victoria Boutenko, Japan: Blissful Bites

Victoria Boutenko Lecture Paris: Vegan Bio

Green Smoothies for Children, Paris: Vegan Bio

Interviews & Videos:

Interview with Victoria Boutenko: Inventor of the Green Smoothie: Meta Cafe

Interview with Victoria Boutenko about Health Secrets: Raw Inspiration

Victoria Boutenko, Live at Zagreb: Part 1 & 2

Unleash the Power of Greens for Vibrant Health: Excepts from The Raw Family’s Texas Tour

Victoria Boutenko in Berlin: Rawvalution Festival

Information video sharing Victoria’s research: Ancient Health Secrets

German Television Show: Victoria Boutenko und Dr. Christian Guth

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