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Why is Organic Produce Important?

3 Comments 16 April 2010

QUESTION: I cant afford organic produce, can you please explain to me why organic is so important.

This is a question we are often asked. I have taken Victoria’s answer from a teleconference. You can also read about the importance of microorganisms in the soil in Green for Life. The chapter is titled ‘Healthy Soil is more Valuable than Gold’ and Victoria discuses that ‘when all microorganisms get destroyed with chemicals, the soil turns to dust’. Here she explains that  ‘through the plants we eat, we receive essential nutrients that were created by microorganisms in the soil’

VICTORIA: I personally think that we absolutely have to strive for organic. Some will say it’s expensive and someone asked about pesticides. The problem is not that non-organic has pesticides, but rather that it doesn’t have any nutrition. My main message is that we are malnourished and have deficiencies. Commercial produce doesn’t have any nutrition.

I’ll give you an example from a table I published in Green for LIfe. This table was taken from a book by Dr Gary Far, Comparing Organic Versus Commercially Grown Foods
Let us look at Organic Lettuce. It says that organic lettuce has 12mg of sodium and commercial lettuce has 0mg. Organic has 176.5mg of potassium, commercial only 53mg. Organic has 169mcg of manganese which is an important nutrient, while commercial has only 1mcg.

Let’s look at organic spinach which has 1584mg of iron, commercial has only 89mg.  Organic tomatoes have 1938mg of iron while commercial has only 1mg. That’s 2000 times more.
What we want is nutrition. We don’t want to eat placebos that will just fill space in our bodies and make us sick. We want health. Organic is not 2000 times more expensive than non-organic. Do whatever you can to find organic. It took me years to understand the importance of organic foods and now I eat only organic. I will cut back on buying extra shoes because I want to eat organic. I don’t want to get sick. I can’t imagine going to a doctor and having them cure me right away.

Also, when you eat organic, the industry will produce more organics. It’s already happening. According to 2006 statistical data, every American household has at least one organic product. There are more organic products in stores such as Costco, and Costco is everywhere. In Ashland, we have had three restaurants close due to lack of customers, one of them being the first McDonalds in the United States to close due to lack of customers. The second was Dairy Queen and the third was Pizza Hut. In place of them we have a juice restaurant and two banks. You can help create a demand that will be satisfied. It’s up to you. I hope you can eat more organic foods.

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  1. Taylor Agriss says:

    I agree with what Victoria is saying about wanting our food to be nutritious. It is important to buy healthy food…but I read an article recently which explained that many organic companies, are unfortunately cutting standards. For the 28,000 companies(rough #), there are only around 100 regulators to keep checks and balances on these companies! That is not good! I think a solution to this would be to first buy as much local produce as you can and to eat seasonally. In my opinion, local is more sustainable than “organic”. Get to know your farmers or find a co-op which carries products you can trust. Just because some farmers aren’t certified organic, does not rule out that they still might have great produce and a great farm. This article also talks about how the “organic” labeling of things is now being marketed for financial gain. How can consumers shop and trust in these organic labels, when there is no real or sufficient regulation and labeling of different products. My family and I have a goal this year to can and freeze everything we need for the entire year. We will get all of it from our garden plot we got, or from our local farmers market. If we can support our local farmers and their sustainable practices, then more people and children of our future will be likely to trust in this as a livelihood! Our prices will even out and eventually the practice of farming will return to how nature intended it to be.

  2. emilyb says:

    Thanks for adding this valuable information Taylor.

  3. shmrd says:

    Also, there’s community gardens. But what I would like us to do, ideally, is REALLY get back to nature . . . stop believing that what’s in our backyards (or forests) are weeds, and start knowing what our long-ago ancestors knew.

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