10 Green Smoothie Recipes

8 Comments 07 May 2010

I’m a part of the Green Smoothie Revolution

About a month ago we started a group on Facebook called ‘I’m a part of the Green Smoothie Revolution’. We now have close to 4000 members! Its been wonderful to see how the group has naturally evolved into a hub of recipe sharing and green smoothie support.

I’ve chosen 10 of my favorite green smoothie recipes from the news feed to be a part of a competition. Everyone in the group has been asked to vote for the best recipe, and the winner, announced on May 10th, will receive a copy of Green for Life.

Please enjoy these creative and diverse combinations and feel free to join the group to participate or vote in the discussion section.

Green Smoothie Recipes

1 – April Arfa
I and my one year old are enjoying our beet leafs, spinach, kale, strawberry and fresh squeezed orange juice smoothy right now. He loves smoothies so much, that he plays with an old blender of ours without the blades by putting his toys in there and mixes them up. Thank you to the Raw Family for introducing us to this revolution 5 years ago!

2 – Viktoria Nieva Gomez
Having green smoothies almost every day for about 5 years… every day a different one – depending on the season and my mood… today it was mangos, strawberries, kumquats, mandarines, lambsquarters, sunflower greens and tarragon… ♥ it was mega delicious…

3 – Max Langdown Max’s Green Herbal Gulpenshlurper
8 oz spinach 8 large SAVOY cabbage leaves (Very crinkly dark green cabbage like Kale) 1 Whole avocado 3 scotch bonnet peppers ( Optional. Small, red and VERY hot. Use TWO only if you dont like HOT ) whole red onion 6 cloves garlic
HERBS – Small bunches of fresh leaves of – Mint Parsley …

4 – Tara Devi
Basil, Peppermint, Spearmint, Chard, Banana Green Smoothie. Love this combo.
I am starting to use more herbs such as fresh oregano, sage & basil. Fun to discover natures amazing tastes. These green smoothies feed my soul.

5 – Danuška Barták
Spinach, Kiwi fruit and Banana Green Smoothei! Great combination! I recommend this to everyone! It’s the ultimate ‘feel good’ drink.

6 – Jolinda Marie
Banana, date, apple, pear, OJ, ice & collards….dessert lover gone green! :)…..yummy-tr

7 – Darla Balsemer
My Green Smoothie today was >>> 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup unsweetened Apple juice, Organic Spring Mix Salad , Frozen Fresh Pineapple, Red Grapes, 1 apple, 1 Banana, 1/4 Avacado :)

8 – Ruthie Crosier
Todays green smoothie: spinach and collards from the garden, banana, cherries and blueberries, and lots of hemp!

9 – Leigh Hopkins
This morning’s smoothie: dandelion greens, abacaxi (pineapple) and hortlao (mint). Mmmm-mmmm-MMM!

10 – Traci Sellers
My kids don’t like it when it looks green, so I add BLUEBERRIES! The whole thing is blue, they have no idea there is swiss chard in it! Ha-ha!
Then, I freeze it into POPSICLES! Ha-ha again! They are all out in this blazing hot weather (91 degrees today) sucking on blue swiss-chard-sicles, and LOVIN’ IT!

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8 Comments so far

  1. pascale says:

    Very funny the chards popsicle for kids,
    a healthy joke

  2. B. says:

    My base for all green smoothies is:
    2-3 handfuls fresh organic spinach, rinsed in very hot water
    1 package of frozen Acai concentrate

    I then add whatever fruit combos: banana, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries. I also throw in a large spoonful of ground flax seed. And I also add one packet of Emergen-C.

    I want to explore adding a lot more “green” to my smoothies, gotta work on that!

  3. emilyb says:

    Thanks for sharing B – yes, please look into roating the greens you use, chard is great, I find it sweet.
    Here is an article on why it is important to rotate greens

  4. Tanya Taylor says:

    We freeze our left over smoothies (on rare days that we have any) in popsicle forms too – kids are gobbling them up! :)
    Our neighbour kids won’t even try our green stuff – their loss! Of course, it’s a big leap from Dunkin Donuts and McD’s!

  5. Joan says:

    The popsicle idea is great! I’ve been planning to introduce my 3 year old granddaughter to green smoothies and she loves popsicles.


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